Moments (A One Direction Fan Fiction)

Lara has never been a fan of One Direction. That is, until her best friend Sophie forces her to go to a One Direction concert. One look at Lara from Niall will be the start of something big.


3. The Concert

*Sophie's POV*
OH MY FREAKIN GOD!! The concert is finally here! I can't believe that Lara actually went and bought a One Direction CD just so it looked like she knew some of the words to their songs. "Uh, Sophie?" "Yeah?" "How long till this train-wreck is over?" The girls behind us gave her a death glare. "Lara, stop calling it a train-wreck. People are starting to stare!" "You're not my mother," she replied with attitude. "Whatever, Laz. OH MY GOD IT'S STARTING!!!"
*Lara's POV*
I can't believe how many screams erupted from the concert hall as soon as Sophie said those last words. I was even thinking about going back to concession and buying a pair of 1D earmuffs. "Soph, how much longer till the show is over?" "It just started, Laz. Just try to enjoy urself." she replied back. Oh god. 1D kept singing and then they got to One Thing, or whatever it's called. I kinda was staring at the blondie, and when he got to his solo, he stared back! Oh. My. Freakin. God.
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