Moments (A One Direction Fan Fiction)

Lara has never been a fan of One Direction. That is, until her best friend Sophie forces her to go to a One Direction concert. One look at Lara from Niall will be the start of something big.


6. Just ask her out already!

*Harry's POV*
I can't believe it. The most beautiful girl on the planet agreed to be mine. After we kissed, we started talking about ourselves. Her name is Sophie Faith Georgia Hill. She is 18, loves surfing, skateboarding, and Subway.
*Niall's POV*
Lara and I started talking about random stuff, and then Liam said "Hey Nialler, can I talk to you for a minute?" "Uh ok? Be right back, Lara!" "Ok." she said. "Liam, bro! What's up?" "Ask her out already." "What?! It would freak her out! She's only just met me!" "Yeah, Harry just met Sophie. It's so obvious you two are perfect for each other." "Ok FINE I'll ask her." "Good luck, Nialler!"
*Lara's POV*
I was getting worried. Was Niall avoiding me? Oh wait, doesn't matter. He's back. "Hey Niall, what was all that about?" "Oh, don't worry about that." "Oh, ok." Niall holds my hands. "Lara, you're the one." " What do you mean?" "I mean, I really like you, so, will you go out with me and be my girlfriend?" This took a long time to take in. Niall Horan, wants to be my boyfriend? Oh wow. Go for it Lara! I smile. "Of course." He grinned and cupped my face in his hands. "You'll never regret it." And he kissed me.
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