Moments (A One Direction Fan Fiction)

Lara has never been a fan of One Direction. That is, until her best friend Sophie forces her to go to a One Direction concert. One look at Lara from Niall will be the start of something big.


5. I'm in love with you

*Lara's POV*
It was finally time to go in. There was only Sophie, me and about 10 other girls. I walked in and there he was. I walked over to him. "Hi!" I said "Hello there!" he replied. "You did an awesome job tonight, Niall." "Why Thankyou, no one has ever said that to me, basically all my fans say is "OMG Niall marry me, and blah blah blah." I giggled. "You have such a cute laugh........?" "Lara," I say. "What a beautiful name for the beautiful girl who possesses it." This time I blushed. "Anyway, let's get to know each other," I say. "Yes," he says. "I am Niall Horan, I am 19 years old and I LOVE nandos." "Well, I'm Lara Harris, I'm 18 turning 19 next month and I LOVE McDonalds!" "Nandos is better!" he says "McDonalds is better!" I say. "Nandos!" "McDonalds!" "Nandos!" Mc- I stopped and smiled. Sophie and Harry Styles were kissing! Niall wolf-whistled. Sophie pulled away and blushed.
*Sophie's POV*
There he was. The amazing Harry Styles. Before I could stop myself I went up to him and said: "OMG hi Harry! Just so you know, I love you and your music and-" "Shhhh" he said and put his lips to mine. *OMG Harry Styles is kissing me, I thought* I continued the kiss and we both pulled away. "Be mine?" he asked "Always." I replied and smiled.
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