Moments (A One Direction Fan Fiction)

Lara has never been a fan of One Direction. That is, until her best friend Sophie forces her to go to a One Direction concert. One look at Lara from Niall will be the start of something big.


4. Backstage

*Niall's POV*
The show ended. That girl, I need to see her again. Her beautiful long blonde hair, her tanned skin, she was beautiful. I didn't want the guys to know, because of the rules. Rule 12: Don't fall in love while on tour. Blah blah blah. One stupid rule won't stop me from seeing that girl again.
*Lara's POV*
Why was he staring at me? Did I forget to put a bra on this morning? I look down, and breathe a sigh of relief. Why else would he be staring at me? "Hey Soph, we gotta get going. Shows over." "Maybe so, but I have one more surprise. BACKSTAGE PASSES!" Secretly deep down inside, I was jumping up and down. "Ok, let's go." I tried to act cool, but now I could see why Niall (Soph told me his name) was staring at me.
*Harry's POV*
Ever since the show ended, Niall's been acting very strange. "Hey Nialler, is something wrong?" "Uh, um, no? Why would u ask? I'm fine!" Hmm, ok, whatever. I say to Paul, "let the girls with backstage passes in." and then and there I see what's wrong with Niall.

He's in love.
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