5 Timer

19 year old April moves to London for some time-out. Little does she know her world is about to turn around when she meets One Direction. She must choose between them. What happens when the boys discover they're dating the same person?


3. The Move

*April's POV*
"Come ON Claud!" I shouted. Today was the day of the move and we were going to my grandparent's place for lunch before my mum and dad drove Claudia and I to the airport. The flight left at 6:00 tonight. "STOP BEING SO PUSHY!" She shouted back. Claudia, Claudia, Claudia. Always taking her time in the times we need to rush most. "MUM!" I shouted, "CLAUDIA IS TAKING, LIKE, FOREVER TO GET READY!" AM NOT! She shouted back. "ARE TO!" "ARE NOT!" "ARE TO!" "ARE N-" "Girls!" my mum shouted from the living room. "Ready!" Claudia finally shouted. "FINALLY!" I yelled. "Ok, everyone, we're leaving now"! My dad said. Claudia and I wheeled our suitcases out the door and looked at our house for the last time for a couple of months.
*Mum's POV*
I'm so excited for my little girls (well, they are eighteen and nineteen, but still, they're my babies). They're leaving for London in 5 hours, and we won't see them for at least a couple of months.
*4 hours later, pretend they already had lunch*
"I'll miss you girls very very much!" My mum sobbed. We'd never been this long away from our parents. "Mum, don't worry! Well be fine!" I said. "I hope you're right, darling." I hugged and kissed my dad and mum, and Claudia did the same. Finally, the announcement came. *6:00 FLIGHT TO LONDON FROM SYDNEY IS BOARDING NOW. HAVE A NICE FLIGHT.* Claudia and I walked onto the plane. We didn't look back, or we'd end up turning back. Goodbye Australia.
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