5 Timer

19 year old April moves to London for some time-out. Little does she know her world is about to turn around when she meets One Direction. She must choose between them. What happens when the boys discover they're dating the same person?


7. I don't

*April's POV*
Louis and I were engaged! Ahhh! I was gonna become Mrs April Rosalie Tomlinson, then we'd have little Louis and little April......
*Zayn's POV*
Louis was telling us that he was engaged. We're all so happy for him, but in the midst of excitement he actually forgot to tell us who his fiancé is. Lol oops. Anyway, today I was gonna propose to April to become my wife. I was very excited. She'd become Mrs April Rosalie Malik. I walk to her house and get prepared. I get the box with the ring out of my pocket and kneel down on the ground. I start singing Gotta Be You.
*April's POV, again*
I hear someone singing outside my door. I open it and gasp. Zayn. Down on one knee. With a ring. I start tearing up. "April Rosalie Jones," he says "Marry me?" "No." and I slam the door.

CLIFFHANGER!!! Haha, anyway, what's gonna happen to April? What emotions will Zayn be feeling?
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