5 Timer

19 year old April moves to London for some time-out. Little does she know her world is about to turn around when she meets One Direction. She must choose between them. What happens when the boys discover they're dating the same person?


4. Hello London!

*April's POV*
Omg! Finally here! We catch a taxi to our hotel. It's awesome! It has two double WATER BEDS and a jacuzzi and heaps of other things a hotel would have. Anyways, the only downside to this hotel is that we are right next door to some wannabes singing One Direction songs. "Claud, I'm gonna go tell those guys next door to keep it down." "Sure, sis." I go next door. I knock on the door. "Hello?" I hear the sound of footsteps and someone opens the door. Except, this boy is not an ordinary person.

It's Liam Payne.

My jaw drops to the ground. "Uh, yes?" he says. "Oh, sorry! I was just wondering if u and the boys could keep it down a little? My sis and I just flew in from Australia, and we're really tired. "Of course, babe. He winks at me. I smile. I'm April. I'm Liam. Yeah, I already know that! Haha, anyways, do u want to exchange numbers? Sure! I reply. We swap phones and put in our numbers. "There you go!" he says. "Wanna catch up on Saturday, maybe? "Sure!" I say back. "It's a date." "Ok, bye Liam!" "Bye, babe.
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