5 Timer

19 year old April moves to London for some time-out. Little does she know her world is about to turn around when she meets One Direction. She must choose between them. What happens when the boys discover they're dating the same person?


5. A second date?

*Pass April and Liam's date*
*April's POV*
Ahh. Sunday. The day to kick back and relax. Yeah right! I hear the doorbell ring. I get up and answer it. Harry Styles? "You're Harry Styles!" I say. "Yeah, and you're the girl who moved in on Thursday, right?" "Yes." I say. "Sorry I couldn't meet you before." "Its ok!" "Ok, well, to make up for it, how about a date? Tomorrow night?" "That sounds great!" I say. "Ok, catch u later." I close the door and plop down on my bed. I think about tomorrow. Oh wow, I'm dating two people from 1D, two people, two, OH MY FREAKIN GOD IM DATING TWO PEOPLE FROM 1D!! So basically, I'm cheating on Liam! Oh well, I guess he doesn't have to know.....
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