About a Mother's love and what she does to keep it safe. It helps us to be a better person.


1. Mother

The sweetest words you will ever hear is your mother as she calls your name.  It is in the home and in Heaven.Mother will always be there when needed. She gave you life so "thank her. The miracle of life is what she gives that is the nature of a mother. She gives love and sacrifie.


Your mother should have thanks for loving you. You know her love is true. Way down deep in her soul she has love so much.  You have the best mother so Honor her and love her. She is a treasure for you to cherish. Bring her as much happiness and  joy as you can.


Bring a rose and yourself and watch the tears flow. Be ready to wipe every tear. Look what she has done for you. Think of the big and small things. Think of all the hurt she has endured for you. All the pain she has suffered. Let her have every pleasure she can.


A mother is a story of love. She will catch you if you fall.  She will not let you falter. A mother will run to you because you run to her. You are her baby and child. If you live to be One hundred she will still call you baby.


She will bring to you passion, desire, and love for your future. She will lend a hand anytime.  A basket full of sunshine and smiles, she will give to you. Her arms will embrace you forever. Like silk lace she will bring magic to you.  Just by a touch.  She will never leave or walk away.

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