It doesn't matter

Jasper is a 15 year old girl who lives in America, and lives with her best friend Autumn in their condo, they both are in love with One Direction. She is starting to loose hope that she will never get the chance to meet them but that all changes. She meets all the lads, and one is falling for her and doesn't care of her age. The others don't agree, he should be with Jasper, just because she is too young. Age is but a number, will their love last? Who is the one falling for her?


7. Just friends

Harry Pov

I think she caught me staring at her, but I did 'nt mind that way I knew she notices me. I wonder if Niall made his move, I think so because right now they are sitting pretty close to each other, if they hold hands then it's offical. I know I told myself I wasn't going to hit on her but I got to at least try. " Jasper do you think I can talk to you alone?'". " Sure, what's up?" We were in the kitchen, I tried to be quiet enough as I can so the boys would'nt hear me. " Would you go on a date with me?" " It depends, a friend date?" " Yea, how about tomorrow around noon?" " Sounds great" We left and sat back down finishing our pizza.

Jasper Pov

That was odd, I kind of got scared I dont know why, Harry just made things odd for me. " Why don't we all watch a movie?" Then Autumn has just came in the door, her eyes wided. I ran up to her trying to calm down because I know how crazy she can get. " Please tell me this is some kind of dream!" she whispers trying not to scream. " Naww I just got real life like life size dolls of them. Yes it's them!" I could 'nt believe it also when the boys first walked through that door. Autumn greeted them with a long hug each, I could tell they were creeped out a bit but nobody's normal. Oh back to the whole Harry asking me out on a date, I hope things stay as just friends nothing more.

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