It doesn't matter

Jasper is a 15 year old girl who lives in America, and lives with her best friend Autumn in their condo, they both are in love with One Direction. She is starting to loose hope that she will never get the chance to meet them but that all changes. She meets all the lads, and one is falling for her and doesn't care of her age. The others don't agree, he should be with Jasper, just because she is too young. Age is but a number, will their love last? Who is the one falling for her?


3. I want you to be mine

Harry Pov

We all sat down on the floor. She was something, I saw the way Niall looked at her with such love, faith...I can't have her. Niall  allcan have her, just this once. " Well girls, how does it feel to meet One Direction?". "It's exciting, but odd" Jasper said . I watched her lips the whole time, they were just perfect, NO! I can't fall for her she is just perfect for Niall. " Well I rather than Jasper think it's amazing!, but I'm trying really hard not to go fan girl on you all". We all laughed, I glanced over to Niall and saw him staring at her again. I felt a tad angry, and heart broken.

Niall Pov

I couldn't help my self but stare she was everything I ever wanted. "How old are you girls". "15" they both said. "Wow! Look at the time it's getting late" Zayn said trying to make them leave. "It's only....four" louis said. They are 15!?, wow they are so young but don't even to look like it. " We are about to turn 16 in about one month" Autumn said. "It's alright, we can leave" Jasper said they stood up and walked to the door. "No! I know we can play truth or dare, that sounds fun right?!", I tried making it sound convincing. They turned around  and came back they sat down. "Alright who's going first?" 


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