It doesn't matter

Jasper is a 15 year old girl who lives in America, and lives with her best friend Autumn in their condo, they both are in love with One Direction. She is starting to loose hope that she will never get the chance to meet them but that all changes. She meets all the lads, and one is falling for her and doesn't care of her age. The others don't agree, he should be with Jasper, just because she is too young. Age is but a number, will their love last? Who is the one falling for her?


4. I didn't want to leave

Niall Pov

"You are , since you suggested it!" Louis said. "Alright, truth or dare?" Louis said. "hmmmm.......dare?". "okay I dare you to......take off your clothes but your boxers and run around the whole floor screaming the luck of the irish!" Louis said.  while I took my clothes off(but not my boxers) I saw Jasper and her friend trying to look away but could n't help themselves and looked. So while I did that, I ran out and screamed "the luck of the irish!" I came back, and saw Harry trying to make a move on Jasper, so I said something quickly. "okay, your turn Jasper"

Jasper Pov

Great now it's my turn, I didn't know what to choose. "dare!" "OOOOO" the boys said expect Niall with a smirk on his face. " I dare you to swap clothes with.......Louis". " Okay I shall" with a smirk on my face. Louis and I went to a bedroom that looked like it was his, it was odd his clothes were like...big but tight but just right. We came out and it was so akward, I looked at him and giggled. He pushed me but not to hard to make me fall over. The funny part was he started to act like a girl. " alright I want my clothes back" Louis said. "No!" then I started to run but he caught me once I reached the kitchen. We went back and changed our clothes . I looked at my phone it was already eight. " Sorry to be a party pooper guys but its about time Autumn and I go back to our condo". "Hold up, you guys are 15 and live alone?" Zayn said. "Yeah" Autumn said right away. "wow" Zayn said amazed. We said bye to everyone, it was odd Niall and Harry would n't let go of me, seems like they didn't want me to leave. Autumn and I got into my car and drove home. When I got home I realized something was missing. "I forgot my purse!"

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