It doesn't matter

Jasper is a 15 year old girl who lives in America, and lives with her best friend Autumn in their condo, they both are in love with One Direction. She is starting to loose hope that she will never get the chance to meet them but that all changes. She meets all the lads, and one is falling for her and doesn't care of her age. The others don't agree, he should be with Jasper, just because she is too young. Age is but a number, will their love last? Who is the one falling for her?


2. Are you the one?

Niall's Pov

She was beautiful, where has she been all these years., while the lads and I walked over.I wanted to know her name but I was shaking, I never felt like this, for no one. "Hi, I'm Naill" I nervously said, "I know, my name is Jasper and this is my best friend Autumn" she said. She sounded so lovely, her dark brown eyes said it all while her medium length, hair drops down her back, it was dark brunette mixed with a little bit or red . I stared at her beauty, it's like I wanted her in my life..forever. "Hello?, wake up lover boy" said louis slapping my face just not to hard. Jasper was blushing trying to hind it. "So you gal's want to hang out how about now?" Liam said . She looked at her friend..Autumn I think that's her name, "sure that sounds lovely" she said.

Autumn Pov

We all walked outside and got into our cars. "Did you notice?"."Noticed what?" Jasper said following their car. " Niall was staring at you!"  "what!?.....- "dont play dumb Jasper". It was slient for a moment. "He can't like me I don't think he's the one, we can't even be together,I'm just 15!" she said. "YOU!..WE are almost 16, in love age doesn't matter" . "We will talk about this when we get back home, I think we're here" she said trying to park outside the hotel. I look at the place while my mouth dropped wide open. We got out a followed them to their suite.


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