It doesn't matter

Jasper is a 15 year old girl who lives in America, and lives with her best friend Autumn in their condo, they both are in love with One Direction. She is starting to loose hope that she will never get the chance to meet them but that all changes. She meets all the lads, and one is falling for her and doesn't care of her age. The others don't agree, he should be with Jasper, just because she is too young. Age is but a number, will their love last? Who is the one falling for her?


1. Love at first sight

 Jasper's Pov

 I always dreamed of meeting One direction, but I was just some 15 yr. old girl, here in the big city(New York). I called my friend over so we can talk about anything, her name is Autumn she is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. We both are huge fans of One direction, we talk on for hours on if we ever met them what would we do. "alright Jasper if you were to date Niall- Autumn was cut off. "I doubt that will ever happen Autumn, dont you see I hate to be a sour puss but we are too young to ever date them, lets just go for some ice cream or something". "okay.....lets go to Manhattan for a walk instead" referred Autumn. We were just walking out of no where, when we saw screaming girls running. "must be some giant dog chasing them" Autumn said. "yeah right, lets go take a closer look-", " I don't think so I rather stay here where I  would'nt get crushed by screaming girls" she said. "We are short..... they would'nt even see us". "right let's just go back to our condo" she said. I know I seem to young to be living by my self but I'm not alone, Autumn has decided to live with me, I moved out because my parents don't even give a crap about me.  Autumn and I both have a job, we're both the same age we will be turning 16 soon. We stopped going to school, no adult would be able to sign papers or anything so we decided to give it a break. While we were walking, Autumn and I got hungry so we stopped by McDonalds, it was empty..."oh my gosh!, it's freaking One Direction!"  she whispers to me trying not to seaquel so loudly. They notice us, and they walk right into our direction.


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