Never Say Never

He sat back in his chair, burying his face in his hands. 'Why?' he whispered. I sat there, hoping he's not asking me. 'Why?' he yelled at me. I jumped. He's never been this way. It's not even my fault that "TMZ" happened to take a picture of us kissing. It wasn't suppose to happen, and he's blaming me.
I'm Jackie, an 17 year old teenager that doesn't even understand this world anymore. My life is a living Hell. People just don't understand that I have feelings. Let me tell you my story. Niall Horan was my best friend. Yes, Niall Horan from One Direction. He's a sweet guy, but when we end up secretly dating, he's not so sweet anymore. "TMZ" decides to take a picture of us kissing and put it all over the internet. Could my life get any worse?


1. Meeting Horan

                                 *A Few Weeks Ago*                                                             

                                                     ~Jackie's POV~

I stood in the little corner, doing my math homework that I hated so much. My parents and I were moving to a new house in Ireland. My mom was half Irish, so my parents decided to come to live here so I could "see my culture" or what ever my mom said. My dad's British and he's from Bradford but he said he wanted to live in Ireland and not Bradford. I think it's a stupid idea because I love visiting Bradford. All the British accents. At least I get to hear Irish ones here. 

I heard a loud bang coming from the living room. I jumped at the sound and looked in the room. "I'm alright. I'm alright." my dad mumbled as he stood back up. I guess he fell. I turned back to my homework. "Sweetie," my mom said in her lovely Irish accent, as she walked in front of me. "the neighbors say that they have a boy your age. You want to meet him?" I thought for a moment. Maybe he's cute. I smiled and looked up at my mother. "Sure." I muttered, putting my homework down on the floor, about to run to the neighbors house. "Woah, woah. Where are you going?" my dad asked me, stopping me from getting to the front door. 

I groaned. "I'm going to meet the neighbors." I said, nodding slowly. My dad moved over slowly so I could squeeze by. As I ran out the door, I saw a blonde haired boy who looked exactly my age helping his mom fix the garden in front of their house. His mom looked over at me with a warm smile on her lips. "Oh, are you the new neighbors daughter?" she asked. The boy stood up and looked at me, shyly smiling.

Wow, he was cute. Blue eyes that would make many girls swoon, dyed blonde hair, plus you could see some abs going on under his shirt. I smiled as I checked him out. "Yes, I am." I finally answered. His mom smiled once again. She walked over to me. Her head turned to the blonde boy and gave him a look like follow-me. He did as he was told and walked behind her. "I'm Maura and this is my son, Niall. Erm.. you probably already know him." she mumbled the last part. The blonde boy- I mean, Niall nudged his mom.

I was confused at this point. "Excuse me? I don't think I know your son, Ma'am." I told her. Maura's face had a confused face and so did Niall. I leaned on the ledge of the front porch as she explained. "You don't? Well, I thought you did since he's part of a popular boy-band. Oh, I just love saying that!" she squealed like a teenage girl would afterwards. I stopped leaning on the ledge and started thinking. Oh my god, I know who this boy is! 

He's Niall Horan from the boy-band, One Direction. You know, that sexy boy-band with British/Irish boys in it. I love that band, so so much. But I don't fan-girl like most girls. Surprising right?

"Mom, stop." Niall said. Wow, he talks! Hah. "Oh, I know who you are now. You're Niall Horan, yeah?" I said, my Irish accent seeping through my voice. I sometimes have a bit of Irish in my voice when I talk. "You got that right." he told me, smiling. I smiled back and nodded. "Yep, I know ya." I said, sounding a bit more Irish than usual. Maura shook her head as she looked at me. 

"Your not going to fan-girl?" she said or asked, it sure sounded like a question. I shook my head, smiling. "Nope," I said popping the 'p'. "I don't fan-girl, Ma'am." She smiled a warm smile at me, looking happier as ever. "Great. I don't want a fan-girl living next door." Niall said, smiling right at me. I laughed quietly. 

"Well, I better get back to gardening. Niall come help me. Nice to meet you.. Erm.. What's your name, love?" Maura asked me. I smiled and leaned back on that same ledge. "I'm Jackie." I told her. She smiled at me once again. "Well, nice to meet you, Jackie." she said before going back to her plants. 

It was just me and Niall for a while. He smiled the whole time. "It's nice to meet you, Jackie. Maybe you can hang out with me and the lads sometime?" he asked me, still giving me his beautiful smile that I now love. I smiled back, pretty much saying yes. "Sure. I'd love to meet them." I said. His smile grew as I said those words. "They'll love you, I promise," he said, walking back to his mom. "see you then, Jackie." After those four words he was gone. Back with his mom. 

I stood there for a bit. I just met Niall Horan and I didn't fan-girl. How weird is that? Very. I smiled thinking about what just happened. Niall was nice. He seems like he would be a nice guy to hang out with. As I kept smiling, I finally walked inside the house, still thinking about Niall. 

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