Paranormal Activity ~

You have just moved in to a house almost in the middle of nowhere with your older brother and mom.You always made fun of ghosts and everything that had to do with anything "Scary".You go up to an attic and find a journal and it's first page says "Paranormal Activity in middle" You laugh to yourself but take the book anyways , but what you didn't know is that ever single thing in there is true.

This is for a cpmpetition that I really want to win so please comment and like :)


2. Chapter two ~ Paranormal activity in the middle.

So I went into the attic to move some boxes of old things up there and I came across a journal,the first page said "Paranormal Activity in the middle" and that caught my attention and I figured that I could take it. Anyways it was like a spooky poem or something. This is what it read.

                               "Paranormal activity in the middle"

1 2 shut the door

3 4 get in bed

5 6 tuck in the covers

7 8 don't let your feet touch the flooro


Who says flooro  and the title doesn't even match the poem I mean like if you're going to make a poem make sure it makes sense.I couldn't hold it in anymore I started laughing so hard my sides hurt. Gosh people are hilarious.














Yes some people are funny ,but some funny things are kinda truey.


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