Paranormal Activity ~

You have just moved in to a house almost in the middle of nowhere with your older brother and mom.You always made fun of ghosts and everything that had to do with anything "Scary".You go up to an attic and find a journal and it's first page says "Paranormal Activity in middle" You laugh to yourself but take the book anyways , but what you didn't know is that ever single thing in there is true.

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3. Chapter three - Solve the riddle and you live.

I really wanted more of this journal it was like I was drawn to it.You know that moment when you want a toy and your mom says no but you just keep insisting well its sort of like that.Well ever since I read that first page I feel like I can't stop.The second page I think is even more scarier and I never get scared.This is what it read.

                "Solve the riddle and you live"

What's the name of George Washington's white horse ?



That's stupid of course it's white uhh it said it in the riddle.This is just all a game i'm not reading this journal anymore it's so not scary.















You say it's stupid but watch in the night when I get your feet and pull you off the bed.


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