Dreams coming true

This story is about finally meeting your idol in this case justin Bieber and having your dreams come true but with a twist you get more than you asked for when you finally meet him...


5. You best not be playing me...

After a couple of minutes we both pulled back from the kiss unwillingly. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back. "So tell me about yourself?" Justin asked.
"Well I live with my mum and dad and my little sister Sarah. And I admit my room is full of your posters" I giggled. He smiled and said "thank you gorgouse". Justin then told me about himself I already knew half the stuff he was telling me but sometimes he went really deep and told me things that probably no one else knew which made me feel special. We spoke for hours and hours telling eachother our deepest secrets, fear and hopes. Telling him my fears was the hardest to say. "You don't need to fear anything when I'm with you em!" He told me.
"But sometimes you won't be there and then what can I do?" I said.
"I wouldn't worry too much about that" he also told me. And with that his lips met mine again and we kissed long and hard but this time it was different I could feel that he really ment it in frustration I pulled away. "What wrong baby?" Justin asked. There was a reason why I pulled away from him and since he first kissed me it had been on my mind, so I decided to tell him. "Well I can't do this with you if this will just be the one night we see eachother and then tomorrow you have forgot about already and I'm sat at home like an idiot hoping that you will soon get in touch with me but in the end I will never see you again cause justin that will just break my heart!" I told him.
"I would never treat a girl like that em, I need you to completely trust me on this. I really feel something for you and I know you do to and I think that when we both feel like that we both know that we need to be together!" Justin reassured me.
"Are you sure ? Your not playing me are you ?" I questioned.
"No gorgouse here hers my number then even if I'm in France we can still talk to eachother !" He told me. He gave me a small piece of paper with his number on and I have him mine, we both put them into our phones and smiled at eachother. When I was with him I felt asif nothing could hurt me and that we were both right for eachother. Justin picked me up and through me on his double bed. I giggled. And that night with our skin touching he took me to a place not quite heaven but close enough...
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