Dreams coming true

This story is about finally meeting your idol in this case justin Bieber and having your dreams come true but with a twist you get more than you asked for when you finally meet him...


8. Justin's P.O.V

Scooter was just moaning on at me do I decided to tune him out I was thinking of emily and how happy I was with her and I know I've only knew her for a day but there's a strong connection between us and I can't wait to find out more about her. I turned around to smile at emily and to tell her to not worry but as I turned round I noticed she was gone, I ran to the door and saw the cap that I gave to her on the table. "Just let her go justin you've only just met her anyway" scooter said. Anger burned through my body. "You know nothing about me and her so don't you dare go around telling me who I can and can't date scooter." I screamed at him. Then something hit me. "You knew she had left didn't you, but u kept on talking to me so I wouldn't notice, not that I was listening anyway, but you knew, all of you knew !!!" I almost burst into tears.
"Justin..." Mum reached out for me.
"Don't touch me!" I said nocking her hand out of the way, I grabbed the cap off the side and ran out the door and down the street trying to find her, tears streaming down my face. I could hear people in the distance shouting 'is that Justin Bieber ?' Then as soon as I knew it I was getting chased by a swarm of beliebers but I just kept running with just one thing on my mind, Emily.

My feet came to a holt. The she was sitting by the fountain. My heart started to race. By this time there was thousands of people surrounding me but I didn't care, the only thing on my mind was to get to emily. When I finally reached her she looked up and said "Justin? How did you find me ?".
"I just followed my heart and there you was" I told her. She stood up and looked into my eyes "but justin we can't be together, no one approves of us" she told me.
"Stuff what they think" I told her. I ignored everyone around me and lent in and kissed emily, I placed the cap back on her head, not wanting the kiss to end. I heard a few gasps around me and I guessed emily did as she pulled away from our kiss. We both looked at eachother and smiled, until we heard the death threats people where shouting at emily. It hurt me so bad. She looked up and said "you see no one can accept us!"
"Yeah but if we love eachother we can get through anything" I reassured her. And for that second she gave me a look like she believed in me. Until someone threw somthing at her. It was a stone.
"Sorry, I just can't do this" she said heartbroken. She started to walk away. I couldn't do anything, nothing I could say would work to make her stay. I just watched her walk out of my life...
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