Dreams coming true

This story is about finally meeting your idol in this case justin Bieber and having your dreams come true but with a twist you get more than you asked for when you finally meet him...


6. I never imagined this...

I woke up and turned over justin was still sleeping, he looked adorable. All of a sudden his eyes flickered open and he smiled at me "good morning beautiful" he said to me. A huge smile spread across my face. "Good morning" I replied giggling.
"Want breakfast?" He asked. As soon as he said those words I hadn't realised how hungry I had been which was expected as I hadn't had any dinner last night. "Yes, toast please" I told him.
"Okay ill be right back" he said as he threw on some clothes and ran out the door. Five minutes later he came back with a silver tray which had a plate of white buttered toast on, a rose and a glass of orange juice. I endoured the food in 5 seconds flat. "Hahaha, I'm glad you liked it" he laughed. I smiled at him. "Do you mind if I take a shower?" I asked him.
"No of course you can its just through there." He directed me.
"Thanks" I said as I went in and closed the door. I turned the nozel and a river of warm water started to fall. I washed my hair and and my body, and just stood there for about 5 minutes and thought to myself that yesterday I was in my own house with my mum and just 24 hours later I was in justin biebers room and I gathered I was dating him now after what happened last night... "Wow" I turned round and saw justin standing in the door way. "Justin get out I'm naked" I screamed embarrassed. He laughed and said "it's not like I've not seen it before". I stared at him in horror. "I'm getting out now" I said. He got a towel out of the cubard I took it off him and wrapped it around my body. "Are you mad at me?" He asked.
"Well it's done now, guess not" I said looking down at the marble floor.
"Aw baby" he stook his head under mine, lifted my head up, gently, with his fingers and kissed me. All of my angryness washed away but then came back because i knew that he had the power to always change my feelings when he did that to me. But when I looked up at his picture perfect face I couldn't be mad at him and I lent in and kissed him again. When we had finished I remember that I didn't have any clean clothes to get into. "Justin I've just remembered I haven't got any clothes to change into!" I told him. He walked out of the door and started to look in his drawers. He trew his shorts and top at me and said "how about these?"
I'm smiled at him and giggled "what could be better". I brushed my tangled wet hair and threw Justin's clothes on. I looked up at him and asked "what do you think?"
"Gorgouse but it could be better..." He walked over to his bed-side cabinet and picked up his snap back, he walked over and placed the hat on my wet hair. "There we go, even better" he said. I smiled at him and jumped into his arms, and all I could wish for was that I could never let go and stay in his arms forever...
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