Dreams coming true

This story is about finally meeting your idol in this case justin Bieber and having your dreams come true but with a twist you get more than you asked for when you finally meet him...


3. Hey beautiful...

Was I dreaming? Justin and I were gazing into eachothers eyes for what seemed like a decade. People started to shout Justin's name as they knew he wasn't paying attentionto any of his fans. He looked away from me and continued to sign people's belongings and take pictures with them. Half an hour later everyone had had what they needed from Justin and walked away to go find their VIP seats in the areana feeling satisfied. Zoe went first and got justin to sign her book and the back of her phone case. When she couldn't ask for anything more she walked over to me and let out a beaming smile. "I'll go and get our seats in the arena ill see you in a bit, have fun!" Zoe said to me. When Zoe was out of sight I walked over to justin, he was staring at me and smiling. Even though my palms were starting to sweat I told myself to keep calm. "Hey beautiful" he said. I couldn't believe it, was he talking to me? I looked around and to my surprise I noticed we were the only two in the room. I swallowed hard. "Er hi erm I love you so much could I please get a picture with you, it's my 18th birthday today and it would totally make my day!" I stuttered. "Yeah corse" he replied. After we took a picture together he turned to face me and looked into my eyes once again. "You have beautiful eyes..." I giggled like an idiot but I didn't really care. "Aw thank you so much and well what can I say about you hahaha, well your flawless. Oh and my name is emily!" I said. "Nice to meet you emily I'm Justin. He gave me a tight hug. Out of nowhere scooter braun walked in. Oh my god I cannot believe this, is that actually scooter Brain!!! Scooter gave justin a strange look and told him "J come on the concert starts in 5 minutes. "Okay thanks scooter just give a couple of seconds okay ?" Justin said. Scooter sighed and walked out of the room. "I better go and sit in my seat I don't want to miss the concert!" I said.
Justin gave one of his smiles and said "I have a better idea". He took my hand in his and led me down the corridors until we came across a door which read 'Justin Bieber' "stay in here until the concerts finished. You won't regret it!" I sat in the chair as justin put the television on. "I'll be back as soon as you can say 'never say never' " he shouted as he ran out the door. I sat in silence and faintly in the background I could hear him singing boyfriend, I burst into tears because I was missing all of the concert
'You won't regret it he said' what could that mean ?
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