Dreams coming true

This story is about finally meeting your idol in this case justin Bieber and having your dreams come true but with a twist you get more than you asked for when you finally meet him...


1. Birthday present...

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock ringing in my ears, looking over my alarm clock read 9:00am the 25th August. 'Hang on, it's my birthday today' I shot out of bed and literally sprinted down the stairs loosing my slippers on the way down. "Good morning sweetheart, happy birthday" my mum said to me. "Thanks mum, but where is dad and Sarah " I asked mum. "Dads in work and Sarah's in grandmas but don't think about that I've made you your favorite breakfast, Nutella pancakes so sit down and enjoy gorgouse" mum ordered. I sat down and eat my breakfast in two seconds flat. I went and sat down on the coach closing my eyes, realising I was still tired. Out of nowhere my mums voice shouted "oi emily dont be falling asleep on me now, you've got your presents to open !" Presents!!!! Omg i wonder what I've got this year. I sat up and mum passed me an envelope, an ENVELOPE. It's my 18th birthday and my mum has given me an envelope! I gave my mum a look. "Before judging look what's INSIDE the envelope first. I ripped the seal off the envelope and slid the two card things out. What's this? I read one of the cards which read MEET AND GREET. JUSTIN BIEBER. 25th August! My heart was pounding. I let out the loudest scream ever and and launched myself on my mum jumping up and down. "Hahahahahah glad you like your present sweetheart!" I stepped back and said to my mum "but the 25th August is today?"
"Yes honey it's tonight at 8 you have two tickets one for yourself and one for one of your friends Get there for 6:45 though as you luckily have meet and greet!" Mum said. I ran over to the house phone and rang my best friend Zoe "hello?"
"Hey Zoe it's me Emily guess what I got two meet and greet tickets for JUSTIN BIEBER, yeah that's right! Well I was just ringing to ask do you want to come with me !!!!!"
"Omg emily are you being serious I would absolutely love to thank you so much and happy birthday !!!!!" Zoe screamed.
"Okay cool well come to mine at like 6:15 and we will go then but don't be late byeeee !" And with the end of that conversation I legged it upstairs and chose my outfit for the concert tonight. I can honestly say it took me over two hours ! When I had finished I got a shower and went downstairs for my lunch, I feel awful for not really speaking to my mum today but I was so excited it was the last thing on my mind ! I ate my lunch and the time was 2:45pm. 4 more hours and I will be in the same room as JUSTIN BIEBER!!!...
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