Dreams coming true

This story is about finally meeting your idol in this case justin Bieber and having your dreams come true but with a twist you get more than you asked for when you finally meet him...


10. 7 years on.....Wedding?

"Rise and shine! Come on get up!" I was woke up by Zoe screaming into my ear.
"Sushhhhh, I'm sleeping!" I said turning back into my covers.
"What! you would rather sleep in than get married! But let me tell you, as your maid of honour I won't let you be late!" Zoe told me. I sat up in bed, I'm getting married today! I actually couldn't believe I had forgot, in a few hours I will be the one and only 'mrs Bieber!'. Zoe then shoved me off the bed and I landed straight onto my back. "Okay, okay I'm up, I'm up!" I told her. I ran into the bathroom that me and justin had built together. I walked into our walk in shower and let the water run for a bit until the hot water flowed. I washed me hair and my body and thought about the life me and justin are going to have together. All of a sudden I could hear a knock on the front door downstairs. I jumped out the shower and threw on my dressing gown. I ran downstairs and opened the front door my mum, Justin's mum, a few of my relatives, a makeup artist and a hairdresser walked straight into our living room. The hairdressers name was Leanne and the makeup artists name was Leah. I gave everybody body a seat and welcomed them with a cup of tea/coffee. After they had all drank their drinks Leanne directed me to a seat and asked me, "what would you like your hair to be styled like?".
"Erm, I'm not sure really?" I said puzzled. After saying that Leanne passed me a book full of hair styles and at last I picked one. I picked a fish plait which started from the very top of my head and twirled like a snake across my head until it flopped down by my waist. Everyone gasped at how beautiful it was. Before I could look at it myself Leah dragged me away and sat me in a different chair, after she had analysed my face and hair she said "I know exactly what to do". I was sat in the chair for at least 45mins. It was such a hectic day! Straight after makeup I had to dash upstairs with Zoe so I could get into my wedding dress. Finally when me and Zoe had our dresses on we walked downstairs being careful so we didn't trip or rip our dresses by standing on them. My mum ran over to me and started to cry, "Omg emily you look stunning, my little girl has finally grew up!"
"Calm down mum, ill always be your little girl, but other than that I haven't even seen what I look like yet?" I told her. After I had told her that she took me to the full mirror and for the first time I saw myself, I was so shocked at my reflection! I didn't even recognise myself my hair was so perfect not a single wisp of hair was out of place, my makeup matched my skin tone perfectly and made all my horrible bits on my face disaper. My dress, my dress was as white as snow and had crystals and diamonds scattered about until they reached my waist, from the waist on was a merange which also had dimonds on but in all different places. My shoes were white satin however you could not see them as my dress hung over them. I heard a noise, a noise which horses make. I looked outside and saw that there was a horse and carriage waiting for me, to take me to the church. Everyone was shocked so I knew that no one knew about this other than Justin. He was so thoughtful and I felt asif I was in a fairy tale! I made my way to the carriage and just as I was about to step in I heard Zoe shouting after me "wait! Wait em !" She ran over and told me "em you have forgot your tiara an veil!" She placed them lightly on my head and my veil trailed down to the floor. I replied to her sarcastically "how could I forget?" She gave me a tight hug and I turned around and tried to get into the carriage, however my dress was so big it was hard so about 5 people had to help me get into it.

As we was making our way to the church everyone was out of there houses aweing and taking pictures of me in the carriage and well what could I do other than smile and wave?

We finally arrived at the church and I waited outside the tall wooden doors until I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was my dad in a smart suit ready to give me away. We linked arms as the wooden doors opened and the traditional wedding song started to play, there where smiles and sobs and also gasps at how beautiful I looked. I wore a smile on my face from ear to ear. "You ready?" My dad said to me.
"Ready as ill ever be" I told him.
"Good, love you my baby girl!" My dad said to me.
"Love you, daddy" I replied. And after that he let go of my hand and placed it into Justin's. Justin looked amazing his hair was how it usually is, spiked, but his suit was ebony black and he wore a white flower on the left of his jacket. His best man was Alfredo. He gave me an award winning smile and told me "you look beautiful, I cannot wait to be married to you!"
"Same here!" I replied back to him with a smile. The priest began and we said our vows and gave eachother our rings, the ring justin gave to me must of cost a fortune! It had a large dimond in the middle of the ring and around the ring where small dimonds, I was over the moon. Once the ceremony was finished the priest told us "you may now kiss the bride!" Me and justin looked at eachother, smiled, and shared a long passionate kiss.

And the only thing on my mind was, this is the man I will be with for all eternity...
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