Double Life


2. Hallway Fight


    "Learn to respect all kinds of people because everyone is fighting a battle on their own."

I walked through the corridor until I eventually found Henry who was still brimming with anger. He turned to face me.

“What the bloody hell were you playing at moron.” I shouted at him anger seething in my voice. Henry began to look cocky again. Man I really wanted to put my fist through his face right now.

“I was just teaching a piece of vermin his place.” Henry smirked at me and turned to walk off. I put my hand on the locker in front of him.

“You don’t understand how important this is, do you? You disgraced the team, you disgraced yourself, you got us all detention and most importantly you upset Joe.” Henry smiled sadistically and laughed at the thought he could care about Joe.

“Awh boo hoo poor little homosexual vermin’s feelings got hurt, well if he wants to be a fairy he shouldn’t be so oversensitive.” He said smugly with a cocky look deeply implanted on his face. My fist began to clench.

“You’re a disgusting human being Henry.” I hissed at him. He just smiled back. That’s when I lost it. I jumped at Henry with a flying fist. He caught me and slammed me in to the locker. Henry was an average jock stupid as hell but tall strong and able to talk his way out of anything. He held me against the locker.

“Well it’s a good thing were mates, mate, ‘cause otherwise I’d whack you one.” He towered over me with his forearm across my throat; I struggled against his hold but to no avail. His smile grew as I struggled against him. I stopped struggling.

“So why are you being so protective of that fag then, you’re not starting to play for another team, are you?” I was taken aback by his accusation. It made me angry that he thought you either had to be gay or despise them.

“Of course not, I just respect his human rights” he let go of me and laughed. I rubbed my throat.

“Rights, that little faggy piece of vermin don’t deserve to breathe, let alone have rights.” He began to walk off. It disturbed me how much he despised homosexuals. I was determined to punish him in some way for his attitude today. Then it came to me, what is the one thing he loves more than himself. Basketball.

“If you act like that again, I’ll kick you off the basketball team” I shouted after him. He stopped and turned to face me. His eyes seemed to flash bright red before he spoke.

“No you won’t, because you won’t have anyone to replace me. I am too valuable to the for you to lose.” He spoke with venom and annoyingly high self-confidence and importance. If I’m completely honest I’m jealous of Henrys lack of insecurities. But any jealousy I felt at this point only added to my anger towards him.

“Not if this Brian guy is any good, I will not hesitate to replace you if you act like that again.” I smiled at him. He yelled as he punched a locker and began to walk off. I was glad that he finally had some way of being punished.

“Where are you going” I shouted running after him. I slowed to a walk when I reached him. His face looked like thunder he slowly turned his head to face me.

“On a walk.” He said trying to sound emotionless but his voice still oozed anger, and him going on a ‘walk’ instead of going to lesson reignited my anger.

“Oh no you’re not. One because if you get caught skiving you’ll be kicked off the team and two if you fail anything, not only will you get kicked off the team your dad will murder you” I said the last bit quietly to make sure no one could hear. Henrys dad Nick Griffen can be very violent especially now he has increased his drinking since Henrys mother died. Henry relented to my reasoning.

“You’re a good friend Darren; I should listen to you more often.” Henry said in a more relaxed and friendly tone I smiled at him and put my hand on his shoulder.

“Oh you big softie, you know you won’t” I joked with him laughing. He smiled at me and put on a shocked expression.

“How dare you challenge my integrity… actually you’re right I won’t listen to you.” He laughed as we walked towards our German class.

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