Double Life


1. Café


    "Being Gay isn’t a choice being a bigot is"

He’s staring at me again and he has been the entire time that I have been stood in the queue to get my coffee. His Friend Elona is trying to talk to him but he continues to stare at me and now I’m staring back. Oh his smouldering blue eyes were staring perfectly into mine. My mouth began to smile at the thought of him…

“Darren” my girlfriend Lauren shouted at me. I broke my hold with Joe and I turned to face her therefore directing my smile at her.

“Oh … Hiya Lauren.” I said happily going in for a hug but she went in for a kiss. It was nice but a surprise. She eventually pulled away.

“What was that for?” I asked as she put her feet flat on the floor. She looked around quickly before quietly saying.

“That gay guy, Joe, was staring at you again.” Her eyes shifted quickly to him before they rested peacefully back on me.

“It’s not that I don’t like him, but he needs to realise that you are mine and straight.” She put a special emphasis on the last word. I nodded in agreement before replying.

“Oh was he, I didn’t notice, I just thought it was because I was the best boyfriend in the world.” I laughed and smiled down at her. She shot me a very slow sarcastic look and rolled her eyes.

“Well of course there is that reason but that one is just too obvious.” She joked and we laughed as we both ordered our coffee and sat down at a table. The only one free was next to Joe and Elona. So the coffee was going to be awkward but to make matters worse our friends Dylan, Nico, Sami and Henry came over to join us.

“Alright Darren” Dylan said as he sat down whilst smiling at Lauren who smiled back.

“Hey Dylan, um… are you all prepped for the Basketball game next Friday?” I asked trying to distract everyone from the fact that Joe was sat on the next table.

“You bet captain. Hey Lauren are your cheerleaders ready?” it still feels weird him calling me captain and asking Lauren whether the cheerleaders are prepared.

“I think we are what do you think Sami?” Lauren asked her best friend for much needed reassurance. I love Lauren to bits but she does tend to worry about silly little things like this.

“Oh most definitely captain, especially is Nico or Darren score, we could probably cheer all night long” she joked and looked lovingly at her boyfriend Nico who was staring stupidly back at her.

“Oh I’ll definitely try to score you baby … uh … isn’t there a new guy trying out?” Nico asked trying to recover from the cheesiness of his first comment.

“Yeah, his name is, Brian I think, He’s trying out to be a defender like Henry.” I said and waited for Henry to jokingly respond but all I got was silence.

“Henry’s a defender I thought he was an attacker as he always goes for goal.” Dylan joked and we waited for him to rise to it but he didn’t. This is bad he has never not risen to the jokes before. Then I realise that something is distracting him. I follow his line of sight to Joe and Elona. Who are now talking amongst themselves. He was going to cause trouble. He looks at me and winks before shouting.

“He’s staring at you again and that is so typical of Gays in today’s society.” Joe, Elona and a majority of people sat in the café turned to face this idiot on another one of his stupid rants. I shoot him a look to stop but he ignores it and stands up on the table.

“Don’t Henry.” Nico told him severely but Henry just looks at him and continued on his rant.

“My fellow humans and Joe, The disgusting inappropriate behaviour demonstrated by Joe is yet another reason that Homosexuality should be illegal in this great country. It is statistically known that there are more gays in today’s society then fifty years ago. This is because the few naturally gay vermin prey on straight men and convert them.” Elona stand up to challenge him, but Henry stops her and jumps down from the table.

“Furthermore, gays always surround themselves with women to deliberately stop women thinking that they need a man and have the ability to stand up to men so that the gays have more men for themselves and women have to resort to the completely unnatural act of feminism which leads to lesbianism.” Henry begins walking towards Elona, examining her as he went. Elona became very awkward as he approached her.

“So what do you say babe, how about you let a real man show you how it’s done.” His body was almost touching hers. Elona looked petrified. She couldn’t move. He started to feel her up. She looked like she was about to cry. Joe looked at me with pleading eyes that begged me to stop Harry. The girls were shouting for him to stop. The girls were shouting for him to stop. I joined in. Joe eventually lost it and ripped Henry off of Elona. I saw anger flash in Henry’s eyes as he spun around to face Joe but then his body language changed.

“Oh sorry babe, I didn’t want to make you jealous.” He started rubbing his body up against Joes. Joe tried to move away but he couldn’t, so he stared helplessly at me. Whilst fighting off Henrys attack on his body

“Okay Henry enough is enough.” I said trying to move closer and get Henrys attention. Henry just continued anyway. Although Joes eyes now made me feel less guilty. I continued to get closer constantly saying Henrys name until I was eventually close enough to put my hand on his shoulder. His head snapped to face me.

“Dude…enough is enough.” I quietly said to him gently pulling him off Joe. Henry cockily stepped backwards.

“Well if you don’t want me…” Elona and Nico ran over to Joe, who looked quite shaken by the incident. Henry turned away but he was still smiling. He hadn’t finished yet. Everyone in the café breathe a sigh of relief at which point Harry turned around and launched himself towards Joe with his fist clenched. Luckily Dylan and I caught him before he managed to hit Joe.

“You sick twisted little pervert, you know you’d be all over me is we weren’t in front of your little crush. Your kind sicken me.” Henry screamed at Joe who just stared emotionlessly back at him. Sami and Lauren tried to get in-between Henry and Joe. Henry raised his fist. Causing the girls to move to the side-lines once again shouting at Henry to stop.

“Give me one good reason not to, you pathetic excuse of a human being… oh wait your opinion doesn’t count you as you’re not even human, You’re a piece of homosexual vermin.” Henry powered against the grip Dylan and I had him in but we managed to hold him back. He began to thrash his arms at Joe continuing to shout insults at him

“What the hell is going on here?” a voice came out of the crowed. The entire room fell silent. Henry stopped his assault on Joe. Part of the crowed parted revealing a tall man who walked towards us.

“Everybody out break is over, get to your lessons.” Everyone began to file out of the café. We began to leave as well.

“Not you eight I want to talk to you.”  We all stopped and waited for the café to empty. We all stood in silence exchanging awkward glances. Eventually, the café was empty.

“I don’t want to know who started it, whose fault it is or the reasoning behind it all,” The man spoke with an emotionless voice although anger showed in his eyes. He analysed everyone but especially Joe and Henry.

“What I want to know is why homophobic comments are being made in today’s schools. It is not right and it is not clever.” Anger began to seep in to his voice but I could tell from the look in his eyes his lecture was far from over.

“I was just expressing my political beliefs there is no law against that is there.” Henry said with deliberate intent to wind the man up and also get his own butt out of trouble. The man shot Henry a quick but angry look before speaking again.

“I do not care about your political beliefs, what I care about is the anti-bullying policy in place at this school and your pure ignorance in breaking it… All 8 of you report to the hall at the end of the school day.” He said the first bit with seething anger but the last part wasn’t angry, but as if it was an ingenious idea that he had just thought up. He smiled but Henry got extremely agitated and flicked a look at us before responding to the man.

“I’m sorry mate, but who the hell do you think you are?” Henry’s large voice from his big mouth was laced with anger but wasn’t quite shouting. The man looked completely unfazed. He calmly stared at Henry analysing him.

“I’m Mr Hinkley, the new teacher in this school.” The teacher said trying to remain emotionless but a small piece of Happiness seeped through into his voice. Henry looked shocked and turned to face Joe.

“This is all your fault!” Henry screamed at Joe before storming out in a rage. Mr Hinkley laughed.

“Remember after school in the hall.” Mr Hinkley yelled after him before he left the Café. Leaving the seven of us alone, we all breathed a sigh of relief. I turned to Joe and put my hand on his perfect shoulder.

“You alright mate?” I asked him. He gently nodded. I moved my hand off of his shoulder. I turned to Elona and smiled kindly at her.

“Are you okay Elona?” I asked her softly. She smiled back at me with a shaky but happy smile.

“I’m fine thanks” she said barely above a whisper I nodded at her. I looked at everyone else and then I thought about Henry, no way is he going to get away with this not this time. I turned around, ignored the feeble protests and left the room.

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