Take you (a justin bieber love story )

Lilly Jones is a belieber who knows she might never be with justin because she is a geek but what happens in the story when she is suprised?


2. a new begining

lilly p.o.v

we got my eye doctor to prescribe me to some contacts!! i keep looking in the mirror and wondering who that girl is... its me i got dressed for school and left (this is what the out fit looks like!! http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=67393454 )

when i got to school people kept looking at me and thinking i was a new girl.. but then i walked up to my friends and  they looked at me "hello? who are you ?" "wow what a shame you guys dont even remember what your bestfriend looks like" "what??? lilly is that you ??" they all screammed..."yes its me" they all screamed and hugged me before i knew it i got tons of complements and the day was over..

i was getting off the bus and heard one more compliment and smiled then i was walking home when i had bumbed into someone and dropped my boooks "oh im so sor-" "here letme grab these " the voice sounded familiar he looked upat me when he grabbed them... he was wearing sunglasses so i couldnt tell who he was.. "here you go"  he handed me the book and smiled.. "thanks... do i know you ? the voice sounds really familiar to me?" "oh yeah.. you probably do  here can i walk you home and tell you ?" "yeah sure"so we started walking and he noticed my nails and phone and that i was wearing girlfriend by justin bieber "so you  must really like justin bieber huh?" "yeah kinda " i said embarresed... "well what if i told you im reallyclose with him and could get you two backstage passes to his concert " "really?" "yeah" i jumbed and hugged him "thanks my name is lilly by the way!!" "my name is justin... " justin?????? "justin bieber??" "yes but dont tell anyone here where is your phone so we can exchange numbers so i can give you those passes" we echanged numbers and he left me i ended up at my house when he left,, i had the biggest smile onmy face!!! i had walked in and my mom looked at me"why are you happy??" "i just met justin bieber" 
"really?" "yeah he is going to give me backstage passes... did you not see the boy i was walking  with?" "yes i saw him.." "that was justin" "really?" "yeah i ran into him..."

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