Take you (a justin bieber love story )

Lilly Jones is a belieber who knows she might never be with justin because she is a geek but what happens in the story when she is suprised?


1. What a wonderfu llife

A normal day... just sitting on my bed doing home work. im whatmost people might call a geek. i got braces and glasses, im blonde with brown roots, i dye my hair just so i can look better.... today im getting my braces off then i mightbe normal.. "Lil are you ready togo ?" my mom yelled at me... "yesh hold on" boy i cant wait to get these off... i was wearing my black skinny jeans and my justin bieber shirt. Im a HUGE belieber... we got into the car, mymom turned on the radio... it was that band from the uk with the what makesyou beautiful song its very annoying i guess i should just turn it off "mom do you think i can get contacts?""why? you look cute with glasses""i dont like them... i dont want to be a geek anymore i want to fit in..." "you dont fit in?" "NO MOM I DONT I AM A TOTAL NERD I WANT TO BE A ACTUAL GIRL..." "i will call your doctor tommorrow.." our ride to the orthodontist was silent....


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