"I wanted to run. Run until I have been to every inch of this forest. Until I find my family, and things can go back to normal. But I knew the distance was too great. I couldn't run that far. I had to be smarter if I wanted to survive...."

When 16 year old Adella Dean gets in a car crash, she finds herself stranded in the middle of the wilderness trying to survive. Worse is, she finds herself without the help of her two parents, older brother Dylan and little sister Faith. Adella has always only known life in the city and doesn't know much about survival. So can she survive on her own? And what happens when she sees someone starting a fire and believes it to be a family member, but turns out to be the beginning a romance? Read more to find out!


2. The Smoke

A/N: Sorry guys, I know it's been a while but I've been SOOO busy with school lately!! Please forgive me and COMMENT WHAT YOU THINK!!!!! If you do ANYTHING!!! COMMENT!! Please and Thank YOU!! But also thanks for just reading it!! It means a lot!!! 


When I woke up, I found myself completely drenched by the side of a fast moving river. It took me a moment to remember anything, but soon enough the haunting memories of the crash rose to the surface. 

 "Faith! Mom! Dad!" I screamed, hoping they were close enough to hear me, but I didn't hear any reply. I called again but heard nothing but my own echo. I wanted to run. Run until I have been to every inch of this forest. Run until I have found my family and things can go back to normal, but I knew the distance was too great, I couldn't run that far.I had to be smarter if I wanted to survive.

First I took inventory of what I had. I checked all of my pockets, and what I had wan't much.A piece of gum, the clothes on my back, but when I realized I had my cellphone in my pocket my heart skipped a beat. I held down the power button only to have my heart drop to find out it had water damage. The screen flickered on for the briefest second then just as quickly flickered off. I put it back in my pocket along with it's headphones just in case.

 I decided my first priority was fire. The nights would get cold and I was going to have to get comfortable considering it could be weeks until anyone finds me here. Quickly, I gathered up some sticks and branches but when I had finished making my perfect little campfire I realized I had no idea how to light it.

After a good hour of rubbing sticks and hitting rocks together I decided to get food. I know how to hunt. As a child, I would hunt game with my dad but seeing as though there was no fire to cook the meat on I decided to collect fruit or berries.

I hiked a little was through the forest. The tall trees blocked out most of the sunlight. The air felt clean and fresh but I was becoming irritable by the non-stop squeaking of my wet shoes. I searched and search, and soon the sun was setting. I turned to back to the riverside, my stomach growling at me to continue looking when something in the distance caught my eye.

I started after it. First walking slowly then running as I became more hungry. When I finally got there, I saw it up close. 

It was an apple tree. The apples on it was long ripened and fallen off but here remaining was one last apple. It hung from the thin branch as if positioned their, in a movie, perfectly straight. I was large and vibrantly red. When I pulled it off the branch I quickly took a bit, immediately thinking it was the best I had ever tasted. It was juicy and succulent. I moaned in pleasure and continued eating, making my way back to the riverside.

 I finished the apple just as I reached the river. The core was hardly a string when I was done with it and threw it on the ground to decompose. 

 I sat on the river's edge as the current had died down. I saw a reflection in the water of girl with dirt smeared on her cheek and an expression on her face telling me she just wanted to see her family. For all I know, my parents and Faith may not have even made it out of the river like I had! Had they drowned? 

Three tear drops ran down my cheek at the thought, hitting the water with a small splash, sending tiny ripples across the water. No, they had to be alive. They just... had to.

And what about Dylan? Will he be okay? Surely he had his cellphone but all the way out in here would he have reception? Is he still on the bridge? 

 I shook my head and splashed the water, not wanting to see the young girls sad expression anymore. When I stood up and lifted up my head. My dark blue eyes scanned the scene. The hills were a lush and beautiful, climbing to extreme heights in the sky. I looked down the river and my eyes grew wide when they caught on a beautiful sight.

It was smoke. Someone was near, and alive. They had a fire going, and I couldn't help but to smile.

Tomorrow, that's where I'm going. Whether it's Mom or Faith, or Dad, I didn't know but I'll get there. I drew an arrow in the dirt pointing to where it was so in the morning, if the smoke died out, I could still begin my journey to there.

The sun had completely set but now. I found a patch of long grass to lie on in hopes it will be more comfortable then the hard rock. I settled in a good distance away from the river. The ground was cold and the long reeds of grass continuously poked me my I wrapped myself up in them trying to keep warm and closed my eyes, hoping morning will come soon, and I will be fully rested to hike to the smoke.

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