"I wanted to run. Run until I have been to every inch of this forest. Until I find my family, and things can go back to normal. But I knew the distance was too great. I couldn't run that far. I had to be smarter if I wanted to survive...."

When 16 year old Adella Dean gets in a car crash, she finds herself stranded in the middle of the wilderness trying to survive. Worse is, she finds herself without the help of her two parents, older brother Dylan and little sister Faith. Adella has always only known life in the city and doesn't know much about survival. So can she survive on her own? And what happens when she sees someone starting a fire and believes it to be a family member, but turns out to be the beginning a romance? Read more to find out!


1. The Crash


 I sat silently in out our car, looking at the view. The trees were a lush summer's green and the hills went on for miles. As much as I hate family road trips, it was nice here.

   My little sister Faith had fallen asleep in the middle seat. She was twelve years old. Her head was on my shoulder. I wanted to move in my seat to get more comfortable but I didn't want to disturb her, so I stayed put. 

  My parents were in the front. Dad was driving and Mom had a road map that she spread over the dashboard. It seems even after all these years they still don't know how to get to my Grandparents farm. Or use a GPS.

 Dylan was listening to his ipod on the other side of Faith. He was the oldest of the Dean children, but not the smartest. His grades were low but outside of school, he was one of the smartest people I know.

  Then there is me. Adella Dean. 16 years old. Completely dreading the ten hour car ride. 

  As I was looking out the window I saw we were on a long old bridge over a rushing white water river.  It was really pretty. I was reaching into my pocket to get my phone so I could take picture when we came to a quick stop, jerking me forward. I fumbled my phone then caught it as I hit the back of my seat again.

 "What's going on?" Dylan asked taking hie ear buds out.

 "Oh it's just a turtle stuck in the road. Could someone go move him?" Mom asked

 "Yeah, sure." Dylan volunteered. He got out of the car, took a big stretch and made his way to the front of the car. I saw him pick up the little green turtle and move him to the railing of the bridge. He walked back to the car but just before getting back in he jumped to the other side of the bridge. I turned around just in time to see a black truck smash into the back of out car. Faith woke up to the crash as shards of glass cut deep into out skin. I tied to shield Faith from the glass up so she wouldn't get as cut but it was of no use, there was too much. 

 The van didn't stop but continued driving through us, pushing us to the rail of the bridge. We hit the side with a smash and The railing board broke. Our car was sent flying off of the bridge. Quickly I undid, Faith and I un-did our seat belts then opened the car door. Hugging Faith close to me I jumped out of the car, leaving us to plummet to the water. I closed my eyes, took a breath and soon felt the cold, treacherous water engulf me and Faith. We were plunged deep below the water's surface and couldn't hold our breath for much longer. I held faith with one arm and quickly tried to swim to the waters surface with the other. Finally we reached the waters surface but not for long. The white water rapids and our now heavy clothes were pulling us down. I held onto one of Faith's small hands so we could both try and swim. Down the river I saw Mom and Dad struggling to stay above the water too but soon the rapids were strong and blocked my view. The fast current was sweeping us further away from the bridge every moment. I looked to the bridge and Dylan still up on the bridge, but half over the bridge trying to see us. I wanted to wave so he could see us but I had to hold Faith and I above the water.

The river started going downhill and the currents were getting stronger. I could feel Faith's little hand slipping from my grasp.

"Adella!" Faith screamed, trying to be heard over the defining sound of the current. Her hand was gone now and she was moving faster down the river as she was much lighter than me. I saw her hands reach above the surface of the water but in mere seconds they were gone. I could now feel myself being pulled down below the surface, and soon everything was black.

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