The Trap

I was in a trap because of not thinking about what I was doing. It was of my own making. I was going out with friends had to have something to do.


3. The Trap

As I closed my eyes to try to sleep.  I opened them fast.  As I heard a sound  of a door closing.  I could not think, there was no one but me in the house.  "Who could it be"?  I could not imagine.  What was wrong with me?  I did not know.  Then I thought, " oh no," it can't be.  He has come for me.


Then I heard a loud bang.  My window fell down.  I jumped and ran, looked out but it was so dark, I could not see .The moon was hiding  and no sounds about.  I was so scared and couldn't think.


When I finally calmed down.  I sit down and tried to relax.  Then the phone rang. I went to answer but heard nothing.  Then " just a whisper" "your mine".  I slammed the phone down hard.  I was alone did he know that?


I walked the floor the whole night through.  I was so nervous and couldn't find anything to do.


When I wrapped up, I was still cold.  Shaking all over like a leaf on a tree. 


For the next couple of days everything was fine.  Except when I went out.  I knew someone was following me.


I decided I was not going to let anyone scare me.  Keep me in a shadow  of living by myself.  I went on as always then came home and my house had been broken into.


The police checked it out and then....................

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