The Trap

I was in a trap because of not thinking about what I was doing. It was of my own making. I was going out with friends had to have something to do.


2. The Trap

I was pushed from behind, I fell to my knees.  I was pulled by the hair and slapped around.  I could tell this was a strong guy.  I had to fight so I kicked back.  I hit him where it hurt's he let out a scream.  I poked him in the eyes he could not see.


I ran as fast as I could but "oh my gosh,"  I started to fall.  I was running in blood.  I looked down and saw all my friends was dead.  He killed all of them.  I had to get away.  He could not let me live "I knew to much."  I ran and ran.


He had seen me was running after me, then I saw "it."  A police car he must have  seen it to, he turned to run the other way.  When all of a sudden he was "gone."  I did not see him anywhere.  He had fell into a big hole.


The Police pulled up took one look at me.  I pointed to the hole they took him out.  He went to prision.  I thought I was safe.  I wasn't he found me.  I have no peace.  I never know when he will be back or if I will ever be safe.  Just another night of "horror".


It was a trap that he fell in but one he won't forget. He paided the price for one night.  I paided the price for one party that almost cost me "my life".

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