The Trap

I was in a trap because of not thinking about what I was doing. It was of my own making. I was going out with friends had to have something to do.


1. The Trap

I was going out with friends had to find something to do. We got to the house . Lot's of people there. Some was new, I had never seen. There was food and drinks. Music playing in the background. Everything was right. We turned the lights down low sat talking and dancing for hours.


We heard a noise, didn't think about it.  But I remember thinking where is my friend?  She was here, I saw her before. She was with a guy. One she did not know. I went looking but could not find. I went to the bedroom "what a sight" blood was every where. There she laided where she bled to "death".


"I was screaming"  but on one heard. With the music loud and the talking going on. I jumped when I heard "a shot ring out". I could not "move".  Quickly I hid in the closet. I was so "scared". I was there for I don't know how long. I did not know what to do............


I started to dial 911 but my fingers wouldn't move.  When all of a sudden............

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