The Trap

I was in a trap because of not thinking about what I was doing. It was of my own making. I was going out with friends had to have something to do.


4. The Trap Chapter 4

They found out it wasn't him, told me not to worry.  They would keep a watch out for me.  Which they did.  But I was scared all of the time.  If the phone rang,  I was scared to answer.  If someone came by to see me.  I didn't know if I could trust them.  To me my life was just about over.  I could not think.


But life goes on, no matter what.  It was hard but I finally went to sleep.  Didn't have to many "nightmares."   I was getting better things was easier.  "Maybe he would leave me alone."


I took a shower one night. Was putting on my  gown.  The phone rang and I picked up.  No one was there.  Just heavy breathing.  I did not pay it to much mind.  He had left me alone for awhile now.


So I put it down and went to bed.  Then to sleep.  I thought I was having a nightmare.  I could feel my gown being pulled up and my panties down.   My legs was spread  wide.  I felt a body but could not move.  I tried to open my eyes, I couldn't.  Did not know why.  I felt something push in me.  I was being raped.   "I was scared."  Then my mouth was forced open.  I was made to suck a big long penis.  "Oh my gosh" two of them was raping me.  Then it hit me.  Could there be more then two?


This was just to much,what could I do?  I did not know.  They was hurting me.  They kept turning me one way then another.  They was taking turns with me.


When they finally got off of me, one made a mistake.  He let me see their faces.  He looked me up and down as he stood me on my feet.   He said "lady" your good.  Really I said, how sweet to know since I had "no choice."


He leaned close to me and said I bet I can make you want me more then anyone .You have ever been with.  I looked at him with hate.  He just laughed and said "baby," I have  your number.  I will be back.


As they walked out the door he turned around and "winked" at me. 


I just looked at him,  then said as calm as I could.  I hope not.  He laughed again.


When I knew they was all gone.  I called the Police.  The Police was puzzled.  How did these guy's know me?  Did they know the first guy?  What was going on?


Then they got the results, these guys was working  for the first guy.  But he is still in prison, he knows someone on the outside.


Then I thought how will I ever be safe or have any peace.  The Police did everything they could to catch them.  This went on for two years.


They would come and rape me late at night.  I was not sleeping or eating.  I was getting sick.


But the first guy was still in prison.  So that much I was glad for.  I just wish they would catch these guys.  All I could do was wait and see.


But if they didn't,  "I had a big surprise  in store for them."  They would not know what hit them!!



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