I Wanna Save You Tonight

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Aliza. She was your typical over-conscious girl, who never got what she wanted. She wasn't good with getting guys, her friends had all ditched her, except for one ofcourse, Sara, & her life seemed to revolve around tragedies..... Until a certain curly-haired exchange student fell for her.... As for Sara, she chose the tan, black-haired one....

But could things ever work out for them?


3. Plot Twists #2

Zayn picked Aliza up, late ofcourse. She couldn't help but let her jaw drop down during the trip. She didn't think he would notice her staring down his perfectly perfect body..

"You like my car?" He smiled at her, making her uncomfortable.

"Oh ha.. ha.. Yeah, it's cool" She awkwardly looked out the window. She hated him ofcourse, but if you saw him.. If you looked at those perfectly hazel eyes & that amazing smile, you would know how hard it was to not look.

He drove for five minutes & then parked at a McDonald's.

"You live at McDonald's?" She joked, forgetting it was Zayn.

"No haha, but we need to talk" She turned to him, & saw how his sparkling, smilingeyes changed to sad, regretful.

"About what?" She dared to ask.

"About you. & Harry. & Sara. & me. & the rest of the boys"

"What about them?"

He breathed in deeply through his mouth & sighed, looking at his shoes.

"Aliza.." He took her right hand in both of his..

Then, he looked her in the eyes & slowly & carefully started pulling her sleeve back.. making Aliza pull herself away from him, just like she had done to Harry.

"Why do you push people away?" He calmly whispered, looking at the ground once again.

She looked at her right wrist, the one Zayn had uncovered before she pulled away. Scars, there were so many.. Where would she begin to tell? Was he even trustable?

With those questions in mind, tears started streaming down her face.. Before she knew it, Zayn was hugging her, rubbing her back.

"I'm sorry" she whispered to him continuously.

"Shh Aliza, it's okay.. It's okay"

"I'm so sorry Zayn" she told him. She was sorry for pushing everyone away. She was sorry for hugging & crying into her bestfriend's crush. She was sorry for getting tears all over his car. She was sorry for ruining his varsity jacket. She was sorry for making him late. She was sorry for everything that happened. She was sorry for herself.. No, she pitied herself.. She felt like her parent's had died all over again & her sister had just commited & her so-called friends had all called her a slut & a bitch again... weak & broken.. things she swore she would never feel again... Why do you think she pushed everyone away? When you let people in, YOU always end up getting hurt one way or another.

Anyways, she cried & cried.. & cried. Zayn continued to rub her back & tell her that everything would be alright. At one point, she started whispering why she pushed everyone away.. & then she cried some more. But he never let go of her. & that was one thing about Zayn, he never lets go.

Aliza had so many feelings for Zayn.. But the biggest one was love.. Aliza loved Zayn & right then, she didn't care about the world.. All she cared about was a certain Zayn Malik.

Suddenly, his phone rang & they split apart.........

It was Niall.


Harry showed up at Sara's house exactly on time. He walked to the front door, rang the doorbell & opened the door for her.. What a gentleman, she thought..

He had just taken a shower.. He smelled so good. Like the sexy guy perfume all those hot guys put on. He looked good. Like the perfect models for Abercrombie & Fitch. They didn't speak; she looked out the window & he looked straight ahead.. until he stopped in front of a gas station.

"Sara, why does she do it?" He asked her before she could ask why they stopped.

"I-" She started when she saw his eyes looking at the ground. They were lonely & they looked so precious.. like if she said something they would shatter..

She sat there for a second, looking at a 16 year old guy, about to break..

Gently, ever so gently.. she put her hand on his... He suddenly looked up, the first tear escaping his left eye.. then another.. & another.. they wouldn't stop.

He fell into her arms, tightening himself around her. He was breathing so heavily; his breathe was hot against her neck & ear..

They sat like that for a few minutes, while he cried into her.

Every few seconds he would whisper something..

"Why?"... "Sara, tell her to stop"... "Please don't hate me"... "I didn't mean to grab her hands, I just couldn't help it" he whimpered into her like a lost puppy.

She couldn't help but grip him tighter. She was scared Harry would break if she let him go, so she sat there & told him that it would be okay.. She wanted to tell him everything, but she couldn't tell him about Aliza's life, only Aliza could.

"Shh Harry, it's okay" she whispered into his sweater.

He slowly let go of her, looking her in the eyes.. If someone could make you feel better, it was Sara.. She was always there, by your side.. She always knew the right things to say.. How to make you smile whenever.. He liked that about her & he really did need her. That was the thing about Sara, you needed her; always.

His feelings for her had changed, & right now all Harry Styles could think about was a shy girl's warm, lips.. He was dying for them...

He stared into her eyes & she stared into his.. Their gaze got deeper & deeper & deeper.. until their lips touched. Their eyes closed softly & Harry's hand went around her neck, pulling her in closer.. She rested her palms on his chest, getting a feel of his six pack. It felt like an eternity, when Harry's phone rang, pushing them apart.......

It was Louis.

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