I Wanna Save You Tonight

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Aliza. She was your typical over-conscious girl, who never got what she wanted. She wasn't good with getting guys, her friends had all ditched her, except for one ofcourse, Sara, & her life seemed to revolve around tragedies..... Until a certain curly-haired exchange student fell for her.... As for Sara, she chose the tan, black-haired one....

But could things ever work out for them?


2. Plot Twist

Harry, Zayn, Sara & Aliza were now all focused on Aliza's wrists/arms. Harry reached for Aliza's arms, barely touching her when she yanked them away. You could see how shocked, afraid & hurt Harry was by his eyes. Aliza could see it, & all she wanted to do was hug him & tell him that it wasn't him.. it was her. She wanted to tell him about her parents, her sisters, her friends & everything.. but she didn't. Instead, she quickly put her cardigan back on. She stared ahead & prayed. She prayed that she didn't ruin Sara & Zayn's chances, that she didn't ruin the chance of Harry liking her, but most of all, she prayed that Harry & Zayn wouldn't judge them, like everyone else had done.

They sat in silence the whole time. Zayn behind Sara, Aliza next to Sara & Harry next to Aliza. The whole time, Zayn looked at Harry & Aliza, feeling horrible, hoping Harry would say something. Sara looked at Aliza, feeling guilty & depressed. She wanted to tell Aliza that she was sorry for not changing the subject or doing something. She wouldn't look at Zayn or Harry. She couldn't. She wouldn't be able to take more stares. Harry looked at Aliza, wanting to tell her that it was okay, that things would get better tomorrow.. but he didn't, he was scared she would push away like before. And who know's? She probably would've if he did.

Aliza looked straight ahead the whole time. She could feel Sara's sorrowful eyes. She wanted to tell her that she was sorry for ruining her chances with Zayn, that she was sorry for ruining the "new beginnings" plan, & that it was okay that she didn't do anything. Really, what could've Sara done?

Aliza could feel Zayn's eyes & she hated the feeling. He was such a perfect guy, & he was probably judging her & Sara by the second.. How dare he?

Last of all, Aliza could feel Harry's eyes. She could feel his arms reaching out for her & her pushing them away, like she did to everyone. & she wanted to tell him that, that she pushed everyone away.. not just him. She wanted to tell him everything, but she couldn't. She wanted him to judge her & not Sara, because Sara wasn't the one who'd embarassed herself like that.

It seemed like forever when the bell rang, when the teacher, Mrs. Snero, told the four in the back to stay.

"Do you know how disrespectful your behavior was? Congratulations, you've got yourselves your first detentions of the year, see you after school" she sneered & left the class, leaving the four behind.

Aliza & Sara started walking away, when "Aliza, Sara, wait"

"Ugh, what do they want now?" Aliza whispered annoyed.

"Since all our classes are together, would you mind us tagging along with you?" Zayn smiled at them.

Wait, what. Had the last twenty minutes just been a dream or were they ignoring it? They were obviously making fun of Aliza & Sara.. But in the rules it says "You can't say no to helping someone", so Aliza & Sara were stuck with these two dickhead.. & oh yeah, their three other friends.

"Fine, whatever" Sara managed to say, trying not to look at Zayn or Harry in the eyes.

"Okay, then we'll meet you at your lockers in five minutes? Oh & our other mates are gonna be with us since we all have the same classes" Zayn said.

"Great" Aliza said, walking out.

*At Aliza's & Sara's lockers*

"I'm sorry"

"For what? He wasn't even that cute, to be honest" Sara lied.

"Liar, they were both adorable & I ruined everything" Aliza said, not looking at Sara. She was rubbing her arms, feeling the cuts.

"Stop & no, I don't really care okay?" Sara barely finished, when Harry, Zayn & three other very attractive guys walked up to them.

"Hey" Zayn said. Why was Harry not talking?

"Hi" Sara & Aliza said, looking at the other three.

"Hi, I'm Louis Tomlinson.." The one next to Harry said.

"Hey, I'm Niall.. Do you know where the cafeteria is? Or a vending machine?" The smiley blonde one blushed. He was definitely not British.. Irish?

"And I'm Liam" The more built, puppy like one smiled.

"Hi" Sara smiled at them. But seriously, how could you not? Liam was wearing blue skinny jeans, grey nike's, & a blue t-shirt. He had straight brown hair, the Justin Bieber kind. His eyes were brown & they even looked like they were smiling. His smile was warm & it was contagious. Louis wore a white shirt with red stripes, red skinny jeans that were rolled up & Toms... Sara loved Toms. His hair was also the Justin Bieber kind, but it was darker than Liam's. Then there was Niall. He looked like a little leprechaun. He wore orange nike's, blue skinny jeans, an orange shirt with "FOOD" writted on it & an orange & blue snapback. His hair looked dyed blonde with reddish roots. He had the bluest eyes EVER & his front two teeth looked like they were hugging. You gotta admit, those boys were really something.

*Going to lunch*

Everyone got their lunches & followed Sara & Aliza, looking for a table. Aliza & Sara sat down at one all the way at the end & all of them followed. Harry sat next to Aliza, Aliza sat next to Sara & Zayn sat next Sara. The rest of the boys sat across them. Niall, Liam & Louis were talking normally but the rest of the table at silently & awkwardly. Somehow Aliza & Sara got sucked into the conversationg & they were all now hanging out at the boys' apartment to study. Louis, being the apparent leader, asked for Aliza & Sara's numbers & texted the boys their numbers.

Aliza & Sara excused themselves to go to the bathroom.

*In the bathroom*

"Are we seriously going tonight?" Sara asked.

"I don't even know"

"Maybe we should, you know? I mean, nothing bad could happen.. just help studying right?"

"Right, so we're going then.." Aliza sighed

*Aliza & Sara get back to the lunch room*

-Harry & Sara's texts-

To Sara: 'Hey .xx'

To Harry: 'Who is this?'

To Sara: 'Harry, can we talk.. like alone? .x'

To Harry: 'there's really no alone in school'

To Sara: 'yeah:/ then i'll give you a ride to our apartment & we can talk then? .xx'

To Harry: 'uhm i dont know harry"

To Sara: 'Please babe .xx'

To Harry: 'fine, but only if aliza has a ride'

To Sara: 'she's getting a ride from zayn .xx'

To Harry: 'Oh.. really?'

To Sara: 'Yeah, so you & me then? .x'

To Harry: 'I guess so, byee'

To Sara: 'Bye babe .xx'

*While then*

-Zayn & Aliza's texts-

To Aliza: 'Hi x x'

To Zayn: 'Who is this?'

To Aliza: 'Zayn aha ! Hey babe, since Sara's getting a ride from Harry, can I give you a ride to our apartment tonite? :) x x'

To Zayn: 'Sara's getting a ride from harry?'

To Aliza: 'Ya x x'

To Zayn: 'Oh, then yeah. bye'

To Aliza: 'Bye babe :) x x'

-Sara & Aliza's texts-

To Sara: 'You're getting a ride from Harry?'

To Aliza: 'Yeah, you're getting a ride from Zayn?'

To Sara: 'Uh yeah'

To Aliza: 'oh... cool then byee'

To Sara: 'bye'

Sara was hurt & angry. She couldn't believe Aliza.

Aliza was also hurt & angry. She couldn't believe Sara.

Were the boys so charming after all?

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