I Wanna Save You Tonight

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Aliza. She was your typical over-conscious girl, who never got what she wanted. She wasn't good with getting guys, her friends had all ditched her, except for one ofcourse, Sara, & her life seemed to revolve around tragedies..... Until a certain curly-haired exchange student fell for her.... As for Sara, she chose the tan, black-haired one....

But could things ever work out for them?


5. Nothing More To Say

It took Sara about a tenth of a second to realize what was about to happen... But it was too late.

She pushed away from Louis & ran to Harry & Zayn. She tried to get in the middle of Zayn & Harry, while crying & holding Zayn's face..


Then, she got an idea..


He stopped.

He let go of Harry.

He looked at her.

"What..." He whispered to himself, backing up from Sara & Harry. Tears formed in his eyes, as he stumbled.

She walked towards him, speaking softly "Zayn.. please... I- I'm sorry..."

While then, she caught a glimpse of Aliza crying into Niall's arms. She let go of him & walked to Zayn, wiping away his tears.

In the backround, Harry stood there, shattering at the sight of them..

'Everything was wrong. How did it get so wrong? Why?' They all thought.

Zayn & Aliza walked inside, silently crying.

Next, Harry looked at Niall, Liam & Louis, telling them to leave without speaking a word.

As soon as they left, tears streamed down Sara's face. She just about fell when Harry caught her from behind.

"Why did you do that?" He cried while hugging her.

"Why did you lie to them? I kissed YOU" He wept.

"Stop Harry, just stop" She whispered.

They stood there for awhile but eventually he drove her home.

It was lucky Zayn shared a room with Niall & Liam, & Harry was with Louis because Zayn & Harry couldn't stand eachother.

In school, they all sat together but it was Sara & Harry on one side, Louis, Liam & Niall in the middle & Zayn & Aliza on the other side. Harry hung out with Sara, Zayn with Aliza & the rest of the boys went back & forth.

Aliza looked at Sara like she was trash. It was almost like Sara had never existed. Zayn wouldn't even look at Sara, it was as if she wasn't good enough even though ofcourse she was. He still liked her, which made her kissing Harry even worse. Harry looked at Sara as a sister, not a girlfriend. He actually wanted her to be with Zayn, as they would be cute together. The rest of the boys looked at her as a friend, someone they could laugh with & count on. Ofcourse, they knew Zayn liked her. They also wanted her to go out with him.

Aliza looked at Harry without any emotion, as if he wasn't the one thing on her mind at all times. She would look at him for a second & then tears would begin to form. Sometimes she would see him look at her, & it would kill her. Zayn looked at Harry as if he wasn't his bestfriend two days ago. He wanted so badly to hurt him for kissing Sara. More than that, Zayn was one of those "I can get any girl I want" type of guys, & Harry got the one he actually wanted. Sara loved Harry as a big brother & ofcourse she wanted him to be with Aliza. The rest of the boys still loved Harry; they were all bestfriends.

Harry looked at Aliza sadly & he would almost break down everytime. Zayn looked at her as a little sister; he was very protective of her. He didn't want her to be with Harry anymore, but he did because deep down he knew Harry wouldn't kiss Sara or even let Sara kiss him unless if there was a good reason. Sara looked at Aliza sadly too, as she had known her for more than eight years & now they couldn't stand eachother. She wanted Aliza to be with Harry & almost died every time she realized she was the reason they weren't. The rest of the boys knew she cut & they say her as a little sister, they were very protective of her too.

Harry looked at Zayn how Sara looked at Aliza; regretfully. He wanted to take it all back. He hated being the reason that Zayn & Sara weren't together. Aliza looked at him like an older brother. She wanted him to be with Sara still. Ofcourse she still hated Sara, but she knew how they were perfect for each other. Sara looked at Zayn regretfully too. She wanted to take back everything. She prayed that he wouldn't hate her. The rest of the boys were still bestfriends with him as well; they also wanted Sara & him to go out.

Anyways.. after about three weeks of all of this regret, anger, sadness, depression, hurt, etc.....

Aliza & Zayn got inside the apartment at approximately 6PM.

No one was home & they began to worry.

They called Niall.. no answer.

They called Liam.. no answer.

They called Louis.. no answer.

They did that multiple times, until they finally called Harry......

no answer.

"He always picks up his phone Aliza" Zayn worriedly said.

They thought for a second, when Aliza took out her phone & dialed a number..

"Who are you calling?" He asked quietly.

"Sara" She said, swallowing hard. He stood silently, when she picked up..

"H- hello?" Aliza nervously stuttered. They hadn't talked in three weeks, she didn't know what to say anymore.

"Sara, I can't understand what you're saying" Aliza said impatiently.

"Put it on speaker" Zayn whispered & she did.

Sara had just finished saying something, when Aliza said "Wait say that again, slower"

"JUST COME TO THE HOSPITAL" In the backround, they heard a person tell her to shut her phone off so she ended the call. They thought of it as a joke for a second..

But then they realized...

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