I Wanna Save You Tonight

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Aliza. She was your typical over-conscious girl, who never got what she wanted. She wasn't good with getting guys, her friends had all ditched her, except for one ofcourse, Sara, & her life seemed to revolve around tragedies..... Until a certain curly-haired exchange student fell for her.... As for Sara, she chose the tan, black-haired one....

But could things ever work out for them?


4. Deceived.

As soon as Aliza & Zayn let go, she looked away, embarassed. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, held Aliza's left hand in his right one & answered the call.

"Zayn, where are you mate?!" Niall worriedly said.

"Oh, we're almost there.." He said calmly, while rubbing her hand with his thumb. He smiled at her, while listening to Niall go on & on about how late they were.

Without hearing what Niall had said, he said "We'll be there in ten minutes, see ya man" & hung up.

"Aliza" He said, turning to her..

"Call me tonight" He smiled at her, more telling her than asking. She nodded & they were off.

Again, how could you not love this guy? I mean he's the hot, sweet guy every girl falls in love with.


Harry picked up his phone & looked at the caller.. Louis. Oh shit, he thought. We're half an hour late. Instead of answering the phone, he put it on silent & started the car. They were about to drive off, but Sara grabbed his hand & pulled him towards her...

"Harry" She looked him in the eyes.

"She doesn't hate you & neither do I" She smiled at him, making him smile too.

"Okay.." He said, hesitantly.

She let go of his arm, but he took her hand in his & started driving.

The cars were almost identical.. Two people. Holding hands. They love eachother. All the problems had gone away..... just kidding

Zayn & Aliza reached the apartment first, but as they were going in, Sara & Harry got there too.

Zayn & Aliza walked to Harry & Sara.. They said their Hi's, but then the world turned upside down. Here's how it went:

Sara & Harry got out of the car, while Zayn & Aliza were almost inside.

"Hey Zayn!" Harry shouted, making them turn back. They walked to eachother, until Harry froze, staring at both of them. Zayn & Aliza realized what he was staring at.. too late.

Zayn's varsity jacket had make up on it.

Aliza's make up was smeared & ruined.

Sudden feelings of anger & hatred rushed through him. He stopped breathing, he stopped smiling, he stopped moving.

Sara noticed it too & she felt the same.. but then again, she had just made out with Harry.. But still, she knew he needed her then. All of a sudden, she realized.. HARRY. oh no. She looked at him, but she too was frozen.

Zayn & Aliza stuttered.

"Ha-Harry" Zayn said, freaking out.

"It's not what it looks like, I swear man"

"Harry, no. It just.. we.. um.." Aliza cried.

But Harry couldn't hear them, all he could hear was the sound of his heart breaking into a million pieces. It killed him. His bestfriend. His crush. Poor Harry.

Suddenly, Harry snapped out of it & rushed towards Zayn.

Sara stood there, staring at her bestfriend & Zayn.

Aliza ran towards Harry, trying to keep him away from Zayn.

"No, Harry please. Please don't hurt him. He was only trying to help, nothing happened. I swear" She screamed at him, trying to get him to listen, though he ignored her.

He pushed her away & punched Zayn right in the jaw...

Sara snapped out of her trance & gasped.

Aliza ran back to Harry & Zayn, trying to push Harry who was now punching Zayn with all he had.

"STOP, HARRY PLEASE STOP" She screamed, helplessly.

Zayn took the punches. You could see how much pain he was in & it was crazy how he didn't scream or hit back.

Louis, Liam & Niall came out when they heard the screaming.

But by then, Harry had pushed Zayn to the ground & had his knees on his chest.

Niall held Aliza back from the fight, hugging her to keep her away.

Louis grabbed Sara & pulled her away from them. He made her turn around & look away.

When Harry was tired & the anger for killing Zayn had gone down, he got off of him & stood up.

Zayn sat there, thinking for a second..

Out of nowhere, Zayn grabbed Harry's shirt & looked him straight in the eyes....

"WHAT DID YOU DO IN THE CAR?" He screamed at Harry.

"What are you fucking talking about?" Harry said, pushing him off.

"WHAT. DID. YOU. DO. IN. THE. CAR. WITH. SARA." Zayn shouted, getting angrier.

He could smell her perfume on his shirt. He could see her lipgloss on his lips.

He knew.

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