Krystal Black is just an ordinary girl who lives in a small town in California. On her 17th birthday she get's Justin Bieber tickets. But her family isn't very wealthy, so she is sitting in one of the last rows. When Justin follows her on twitter and DM's her she couldn't believe it! But what she couldn't believe any more is what happens at the concert..............**read to find out**


15. Your My One Love

Justin's POV-

When we got home we decided to sleep a little. Yeah, I know, we slept in really late, but for some reason, even though we've only been up for about five hours, we are really tired.

"Just get into what you slept in last night." I said pointing to a chair with the stuff Krys had on last night.

"Okay." She said going over and picking them up, "Don't look."

"I won't." I said covering my face with a pillow. 

A couple seconds later she jumped on the bed. I stood up on the bed, picked her up, and threw her down (on the bed) really hard, for a second she layed there shocked, then she started laughing.

We got into a pillow fight and then it became more like a war...I was hiding in the basement in the back of a closet.....I could hear her coming down the stairs.....the clost door started creaking open and I jumped behind a box trying not to laugh......I could tell she was looking around the closet...then she walked away. BUT SHE LEFT IT OPEN!

"Oh crap...." I muttered.

I started creeping up to the door of the closet. Her back was facing me so I decided it was my turn to scare her.

I jumped out of the closet and grabbed onto her, picked her up, and ran upstairs.

"Ahh! Put...Me.....DOWN!" She yelled between laughter.

"Fine." I said plopping her down on my bed, "You understand that it's 2:30 in the morning and I have neighbors, right?"

"Yup. And we probably just woke them up." She replied.

"We? WE??? You were the one on a rampage looking for me around the house. And you were the one screaming and laughing when I was carrying YOU upstairs..I beg to differ that YOU probably woke up MY neighbors!" I yelled.

"Oh....sorry..." She said, now a little sad and embarrassed.

"I was kidding about being mad...but the other stuff is SOOO true....your like and elephant!" I said playfully.

"Hey!" She slapped me.

"Ow! I was just kidding!" I said.

She smiled and I kissed her.

We just kept kissing....then we did more...but I'm not going to far into detail.....

But yeah....we had....sex...


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