Krystal Black is just an ordinary girl who lives in a small town in California. On her 17th birthday she get's Justin Bieber tickets. But her family isn't very wealthy, so she is sitting in one of the last rows. When Justin follows her on twitter and DM's her she couldn't believe it! But what she couldn't believe any more is what happens at the concert..............**read to find out**


22. Everything Seems To Go Wrong

Krystal's POV-

We got up in the driveway to my old house where my mom still lives. I gasped. It looked aweful, so run down and sad.

I got out of the car, didn't grab my bags or anything, just ran inside, the door was unlocked.

"MOM?!?!" I yelled, no answer.

"MOM??" I yelled again, still no answer.

I started walking around into all of the rooms- the bathroom, the bedrooms, everything.

When I walked into the basement I saw someone laying on the couch infront of the playing TV.

I sighed, "Mom?"

No answer.

I walked over to the couch and screamed.

I heard Justin running down the stairs, "Krys?!?!" He yelled.

I fell onto my knees and put my face into my hands and started bawling.

I screamed again.

My mom....she was laying there, dead. Someone killed her, there was a bloody knife next to her, and a big gash in her chest.

"MOM!!!" I yelled.

Justin ran over and collapsed next to me and wrapped his arms around me.

"Shhhh, Krys, shhhh. It's alright, it's okay." He kept whispering, but in knew it wasn't okay, I heard his voice, it was so shaky.

"Justin....my mom...my mom..... my only family.... my mom!" I was saying, I couldn't get anything else out. I was hyperventilating and I was just completely losing it

"Babe, calm down, calm down. It's okay." He said.

I turned to look at him, tears streaming down my face. There were some tears in his eyes too.


2 Hours Later-

"And who do you think did this?" The police officer said, examining my moms body.

Flash backs came to my head, everything. My moms old husband before dad, but now I guess dad left to. I don't know where dad is, he's just gone. But my old dad...the one that made my mom have sex every night, the one that made me. My mom had me with him. I was created from a monster. He abused her at night and me at day, every one thinks I cut for no reason, but I have never cut before. They were from my actual dad, his abusing every day when I got home from school. Everything flooded back. He left before the police could catch him, and now he's back.

"Yes........." I said and started to cry.

"Who?" The police officer asked.

"Steve......my real dad......Steve...Steve..." I tried to say but I broke down.

Justin ran over to me and wrapped his arm around me, "Steve Randolph..her actual dad." Justin said, saving me.

"Oh...yes...the one that abused you and your mother. I'm sorry, we'll be on severe look out from now on, we will catch him this time, but for now, stay under cover. If you and Justin want to go out somewhere, you will have to stay under radar." The police officer said.

"Alright." Justin and I said at the same time.

I couldn't believe it, he's back, he killed my mom, and he's back......

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