Krystal Black is just an ordinary girl who lives in a small town in California. On her 17th birthday she get's Justin Bieber tickets. But her family isn't very wealthy, so she is sitting in one of the last rows. When Justin follows her on twitter and DM's her she couldn't believe it! But what she couldn't believe any more is what happens at the concert..............**read to find out**


18. Come On

Justin's POV-

"Oh, my, god! Krystal are you okay?!!? Wake up!" I yelled and then ran to her side of the car, I opened her door and picked her up, then layed her on the grass.

"Please...WAKE UP!" I started yelling, I felt a tear stream down my face, then they just started pouring out of me.

"Come on, please wake up...Come on Krystal! Come on!" I started yelling so loud that a cop pulled over next to my crashed car, he got out, shut his door, and ran over to me.

"What happened?" The cop asked.

"Well, paparazzi were following me and one started speeding up and pulled in front of me and hit on their breaks. They made me swerve and run into the wall." I explained.

"And who is this?" The cop asked.

"My girlfriend, Krystal. She got the worst of the crash because my car ran into the wall with that side first." I said.

"Oh, and why were paparazzi following you? Whats so special about a teenage boy?" The cop asked.

"Cuz," I started and got up and faced him,"I'm Justin Bieber."

"Oh, okay, Mr.Bieber, i'm Officer Anderson, but call me Mr.Anderson." The cop, who's name I guess is Mr.Anderson.

"Okay, but can we PLEASE help my girlfriend now?" I pleaded, starting to cry even more.

"Yes. Get in my car." He said. So I picked up Krys and carried her over to his car, opened the back seat put her in, then I got in, I rested her head on my lap. I was rubbing my hand gently on her forehead, and she moved a little.

I bent over and kissed her gently on the cheek.

I looked at my phone, again blown up by my fans tweets, but I'll check them later because I am sorta in a crisis right now. I looked at the time....11:30pm.

I yawned. And before I knew it, I drifted off to sleep, with Krystal in my arms.

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