Krystal Black is just an ordinary girl who lives in a small town in California. On her 17th birthday she get's Justin Bieber tickets. But her family isn't very wealthy, so she is sitting in one of the last rows. When Justin follows her on twitter and DM's her she couldn't believe it! But what she couldn't believe any more is what happens at the concert..............**read to find out**


8. Car Ride Home

Justin's POV-
When we were finish eating I payed the bill and left a tip for the nice woman that helped us with that rude man. Me and Krystal walked out of 'The Palm' and I grabbed her hand, i intertwined my fingers into hers and she just held on. I could see her cheeks turn a bright red.
"How did you like the food?" I asked her trying to make conversation.
"It was really good." She said. I could tell something was bothering her.
"Whats wrong?" I asked.
"Nothing" She replied quickly.
"Oh come on tell me!" I whined. She faintly laughed.
"Fine....it's just what that man said. He was soooooo rude! And you never did anything to him. I mean your super nice. And he acted like you did something to him" She explained.
I lead her to a bench and sat down.
"He is just a hater, babe, don't worry." I said.
"Yeah but-" I cut her off by kissing her, I had been waiting for that for hours, and I finally got to kiss her.
I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye....PAPARAZZI!!!! I grabbed Krys's hand and started running back to the car.
"What are we doing!?!?" She yelled.
"Getting away from some dumb photographers who are invading my privacy!" I yelled back.

We got to the car a couple minutes later and jumped in and darted off. We we were both out of breath.
"So where do you live?" I asked.
"Take a right....now." She said.
---1 Hour Later----
I pulled up a driveway of an old brick house.
"Well this is it...." She said sounding embarrassed.
"It's an amazing house, it's fine." I said.
I got out and walked around and opened up Krys's door.
I put my hand out and she grabbed it snd smiled, we walked up to her door and rang the door bell.
"Well thanks for an amazing night." She said.
"Can I see you phone?" I asked.
"Uhm sure." She said taking it out of her pocket and unlocking it. She handed it to me and I got onto her contact book and added my number.
"Here you go. Text or Call me whenever you want." I said.
Then I kissed her.
The door opened. And her dad grabbed onto her arm and pulled her in and punched her in the face, she fell to the floor crying.
"Don't do that to her!!!" I yelled running into her house and picking her up. Before I could get to her I felt a really hard thing hit my head and I fell into complete darkness.
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