As Long As You Love Me


1. We're Just Friends

Selena's P.O.V

"We are just friends he's like my little brother." I remembered lying on the Ellen Degeneres show about 25 minutes ago.

I had to lie. We decided to keep this whole relationship on the down low for now. Right now I'm driving to the airport so we can head to NewYork together. The taxi driver pulled into the airport parking lot. "Thanks." I smiled to the taxi driver.

I paid him and ran of to the trunk to grab my two bags with my black suede boho purse over my shoulder. I walked in to the airport rushing through security so I could see him. As I pasted through crowds of fans signing a few autographs I saw him waiting at the entrance to our plane. I smiled pulling my bags along with me to hug him. "I saw the Ellen Show. They believe we aren't together." He said.

"Yup Selena and Justin are just friends as far as they know." I replied.

"Let's go." He smiled helping me with my bags onto the plane.
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