My 1D Love <3

Amber has a huge crush on Harry Styles in the band 1D and she is dying to see them in concert but when she cant go because she got sick she might get a visit from them! will someone else in the band fall in love with her ...


2. shopping ..

Jasmine pov

So while i drive me and marissa to my favorite boutique we blast a song on ' far away , far away you shoot me down but i wont fall i am      Ti-tain-ium' . then when we arrived to jewels, we parked my red mustange and walked in .

The store clark greeted us:

Lady ; hello how may i help you two

Us: No thank you we are just looking.

Lady : ok tell me if you need something.

we looked around to see if i saw something to wear to the concert, i saw the perfect outfit it was a croped t-shirt that said 'Bad' and its tucked into the cutest black shorts and light back leggings and for Marissa she got a white t-shirt with a british flag jean shorts and red high tops.


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