My 1D Love <3

Amber has a huge crush on Harry Styles in the band 1D and she is dying to see them in concert but when she cant go because she got sick she might get a visit from them! will someone else in the band fall in love with her ...


5. My chance

Harry's POV
"This was my chance to make a move , she has big blue eyes and she's just beautiful !!" I thought to myself !

Harry :"Umm jasmine ?"
Jasmine: "yes "
Harry : do you mind if I talk to you in private ?
Jasmine : umm sure !

I walk her towards my room. "Jasmine will you do the honors and be my girlfriend ?"
Harry's asked kinda shyly.
"Ummm let me think.... YES !!"
"Do you think I should tell the boys ?"
Jasmine : no I don't think yet !
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