My 1D Love <3

Amber has a huge crush on Harry Styles in the band 1D and she is dying to see them in concert but when she cant go because she got sick she might get a visit from them! will someone else in the band fall in love with her ...


3. getting ready

( if you wanna see the out fits go to google and look up jasmine v outfits )

so we put our outfits on and put on makeup i put some black eye liner and light blue eye shadow . And we left to the concert .

we finally arrived and i was EXTATIC !!! A lady took us backstage.

This way ladies, " ahhhhhhhhhh im gonna DIE!!!!"

she opened the door ' Hello were One Direction' they all said at the same time.

H-h-hi me and marissa said nervously

'Well y'all dont be nervous ' Louis said in a funny accent .he also said 'Now who do we have here?'

" umm.. im Jasmine and this is my best friend Marissa' i said

Harry kept looking at me with his beautiful green shimmering eyes

"Ello Jasmine " Harry said " haha hi harry ' i said with a giggle

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