My 1D Love <3

Amber has a huge crush on Harry Styles in the band 1D and she is dying to see them in concert but when she cant go because she got sick she might get a visit from them! will someone else in the band fall in love with her ...


1. contest

Jasmine's POV

"OMG!!!  i cant belive we got pick to go on tour with our favorite band Marissa ( bff ) . I need and outfit ,  i need my hair done, WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!!! im gonna meet THE Harry Styles!"

" I know !!! " marissa said as we jumped up and down squealing! we were finally gonna get a private concert from One Direction . we really wanted to make a good first impression to One Direction . i wanted harry to like  me not just as a fan but as a friend that he i i i mean they can all count on . But first we have to goooo.......... SHOPPING! My favorite thing to do.

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