Triple crossed <3

This is a story about 1D and Louis, Niall and Harry have all fallen for Lauren. Things will never be the same.....


14. wet! :P

THREE WEEKS LATER: Me and Niall we having a great time. We have been dating for one month. And things were going great. Summer was one of our best friends, and Louis was getting closer to us again. Harry has been staying back. Summer, Niall, Louis and I were going to the movies to see the new movie Chasing Mavericks. We sat down and watching the movie. Halfway through the movie Summer starting to groan. She said that her stomach was bothering her.Louis took her, out and we followed her. "Are you ok?" He asked. "Yes I'm fine. I think it was just the popcorn. I'm feeling better now." She said. The wind blowing in her hair. "Guys can we have a minute?" Lou asked. "Sure." And we stepped out. But we eavesdropped. "Listen, Summer, it's been a while since we first met, but... I was thinking... Maybe we could... Date?" He said very slowly. Summer smiled. "I'd like that." She said. And then they came back over. "Oooooh!" We teased. "You listened!" Louis joked. "Hahaha yes." I said still laughing. And we went back home to rest. But I don't think that we would be resting yet, because Summer, Niall, Louis and I all went back to the house. We had a pool and it was in the middle of summer, haha summer, so the water wasn't that freezing. So we decided to go swimming. We had to go to Summer and Louis' house first to get their bathing suits.

15 MINUTES LATER; We got back to Niall's and jumped right into the pool. The light was on under the pool so it looked really pretty. We all had masked on, and Summer brought her special underwater camera with her. So we can take pictures. We decided to play 'Marco Polo'. The girls on one team.... the boys on the other. The boys were 'it' first. "MARCO!" Louis screamed, we couldn't help it, we burst out laughing. Before we knew it the boys found us and dashed towards us. Still with their eyes closed. Louis, and Niall jumped on us and we got dunked under water. We all laughed. And then there was a knock on Niall's door, he got out and went to the door, it was Harry.

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