Triple crossed <3

This is a story about 1D and Louis, Niall and Harry have all fallen for Lauren. Things will never be the same.....


6. Water is not thicker then blood

"So what's happened?" asked Niall. We were all on our way to lunch Harry, Niall and I. "Well, we, are-" Harry was saying very slowly. "spit it out Harry!" Niall said. "Me and Lauren are dating!" Harry said. Niall didn't look mad, just a little disappointed. But it did make me wonder about his thoughts racing through his head."Oh, when did that happen?" He asked after a while after we got our food. "Yesterday, when Louis kissed Lauren. But Lauren didn't want him too, so she ran away, and then she got upset and I comforted her." Said Harry. "Ya, are you mad Niall?" I asked dare asked him. "No! Not at all! I'm glad! But we can still be friends right?" He asked. "Yes! Definitely! That would be great." I said. I don't know if I believe that he's okay with this. But I will for now. After school I went over to Harry's house. "Hey Lauren!" He said enthusiastically. "Hey! What are we going to do today?" I asked. "Well, we are going to go over to Niall's house and go swimming." He said smiling. "That sounds great, but I didn't bring my bathing suit." I said. "Oh, that's perfect!" He said smirking. "Harry!" I said starting to laugh. But then we left to go to my house to get my bathing suit. And after we did we headed to Niall's house. We knocked on the door. "Hello? Niall?" I asked. No answer. "Niall are you home?" Still no answer. Harry had a key so he opened the door and we walked in. I looked to my left and saw the bathroom. Niall was inside the bathroom. Passed out. With cuts down his arms. Trickled with blood. /// SORRY ITS SHORT! SUSPENSE!!! :D

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