Triple crossed <3

This is a story about 1D and Louis, Niall and Harry have all fallen for Lauren. Things will never be the same.....


8. Miracle.

"Niall, I know you can't hear me, but I wanted to say something to you. I wanted to tell you that you are my best friend. The only one that's been with me so far every time, everywhere. You are my greatest wish for a friend. You are not only one of my best friends, but, you are also my best wish. I wanted to tell you that I love you. Yes, I love you Niall. I wish you could hear me Niall." And I later my head on his arm scarred from his cuts. "I love you too Lauren." I heard someone say. I looked up. It was Niall! He was awake! "Niall! Your awake!" I said starting to cry from happiness. "Lauren, you are my princess." Niall said weakly. "Oh Niall!" But then I remembered Harry. "Harry is outside." I whispered. "Did you-" I understood what he was going to say, "No, not yet. I love you both its hard." I replied. "Well, you should go get him. I won't say anything." Said Niall. "Ok, thanks Niall." I said smiling. I ran out to get Harry screaming "HARRY NIALL'S AWAKE!" And Harry ran up to me and we headed to Niall's room again, happy as can be, at least for Harry. I'm still torn. Harry burst through the door and hugged Niall. "Niall! Thank god your ok!" Said Harry still clinging to him. I still had some tears in my eyes, I decided to text everyone that Niall was ok Niall is awake! He's fine too I hit the reply all and went up to Niall. Harry's phone buzzed. "Did you send this to everyone?" He asked. "Ya, thought I'd let people know." I replied. "Oh." Right when he said that Niall got the text too. "See?" Said giggling a little. I got another text. It was from Niall. I didn't even see him text it, sneaky he is. 'Glad you care about me :)' he replied. I blushed and nodded. "Are you ok to leave yet?" Harry asked. "I don't know." Niall replied. "I'll go get the doctor." And Harry left. Leaving Niall and I alone. "So. How are we going to tell him?" I asked. But right when I asked that, Louis came rushing through the door. This, is why I hate being alone, you know something bad is going to happen to you.

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