Triple crossed <3

This is a story about 1D and Louis, Niall and Harry have all fallen for Lauren. Things will never be the same.....


12. Love song

"What?" Is all I could manage. "I'm sorry Lauren! But... I went out the other night and met someone else... I hate myself to say this! I mean I can't believe how much of a jerk I am right now! I didn't want to break your heart! I... I just didn't." He said with tearing streaming down his face. "Harry- Harry! It's ok." I said. "But- I cheated on you, how are you ok? I'm not even ok!" He exclaimed. "I was meaning to tell you this sooner but I guess it's the time... Me and Niall have feelings for each other." I said slowly. Harry's face went blank, with some tears still streaming. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you this sooner too. I didn't want I break YOUR heart either." I added. "Well… could we still be friends?" The word echoed in my head, thinking of when Louis said the same thing. "Yes. That would be fine." I almost said as a whisper. "Good. I'm glad your ok. Well... I think I should leave you two alone. I'll talk to you later." And then he left. It felt like it was a dream. "I can't he did that." I said. "To be honest, I'm just glad you both came out with solid hearts." Niall said. "Your right, lets go inside." And we did. Niall and I spent the rest of the night like a stupid little slumber party, pillow fights, popcorn and movies, and then he took me outside. Again in a while I was actually happy. When Niall took me outside there was a full moon, and a sky full of stars. It was around 11:00 o' clock but I really didn't feel tired. "I want to show you something." Niall said dragging me out. "What is it?" I said giggling. "This." He said, he went over to a bush and pulled out a guitar case, I guess he was planning this, and he pulled his guitar out. "Lauren I have been meaning to do this for a while, I never had time, so this is for you." And he started to sing a song. "Your my shine to my moon- your my flame to my fire- your, my, beat to my heart, something. I can't live without- your my stem to my flower- your my ice to my water- your my foot to my ball- your, my, best to my heart, something. I can't live without." He said as he strummed the last strings. "Sorry it's so short." He said after. "No, I love it!" And I ran into his arms and I finally got myself a horan hug. "I love you." We both said at once. And we had the most perfect kiss in the whole world. But tomorrow we had school.

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